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Tales of the Olde Phoenix

Or, my gaming adventures and mis-adventures. Things at least remotely related to gaming in general.

  1. Oakland Friday Game: Mike Conn DMing

    Well the Friday game session is finished again.

    Due to a change in work schedule my Son (Matthew) was able to join the Friday group. To our buffet of side dishes (As he named it) he added a straight up fighter. I didn't know you could do those any more.

    The Party
    Ian -- Erisvet (sp) female Elf Ranger-Monk-Sorcerer (The last from a Chaos card)
    Ben -- Funkin, male Gnome Bard-Magician-Meister
    Jan -- Miles, male Half Dragon (chaos card again) Monk-Tattooed ...
  2. A light and a kangaroo: After Action Report, 3-21-08

    We have a new member of the group, Ben is up from Alabama and finds us agreeable. I look forward to seeing more of him.

    The adventure for the night started in the Townhouse kitchen. Now this kitchen is a modern addition to the ancient hearth and hard work model that is under it. In the process of installing this kitchen, literally bolted on top of the old one the cellar stairs got blocked. The Scowler had no use for the basement. Unlike the upper floors he didn't bother ...
  3. More on the game.

    I don't like this narrow window. Can we at least get one as wide as the regular posts?


    Yes, the Thindacarulle Game has started a new cycle of characters. I have spent the last two weeks madly flailing at the keyboard getting the game ready to rock in a serious way. Some enthusiasm from me I hope will jar the jaded old players back into a semblance of enthusiasm as well. After 33 years you need to switch things up once in a while to get the juices going again. ...
  4. After Action report

    Wanting something different we are playing in a Steam-shadow-punk-run version of the usual world. The one I set up for the alternate dimension adventure. They are playing gang members in the Seahaven Barrios, the old city. The main city has moved across the river with all the shiny modern stuff and the 3000 year old Dowager City has been more or less left to rot.

    The gang holes up in one of the few of the ancient townhouses a that is intact. They are the very gang that helped that ...
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