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Tales of the Olde Phoenix

Or, my gaming adventures and mis-adventures. Things at least remotely related to gaming in general.

  1. Penguicon 7, after action report.

    Con over time to start catching up with PnP, and life. Right now the house is upside down turned from a weekend of flying in and out. I have deliveries in the living room that I haven't even opened (everything arrived Thursday.) and opened boxes that have yet to be disposed of.

    Down side, no gaming this weekend. The Lugraica game was canceled due to three of us not being able to make it. And my Saturday game as well due to the Con. Result you are getting a Con report not a ...
  2. After Action, Saturday May 18th

    Ron -- Johnny male Elf, Toymaker
    Sue M -- Sharpy female 1/2 Elf fighter
    Tom -- Sy male mostly human psionic
    Sue S -- Nelida female mostly Human cleric with a few tricks.
    Ben was absent due to family obligations.

    We picked up where things has left off. After selling the book they went back to the hideout to discuss what to do with all the money. They left one sheet of the ancient hand drawn porn with the scholar Luigi Burni took it for tests. It was ...
  3. After Action report Saturday April 4-4

    Here we are, blog and blog again. Another pointless spewing form the desk of.

    After action, Saturday 4-4

    With all players present we got underway on time. Unheard of, but we try.

    The party finished the exploration of the levels under the house, they found an old Elven primer in the ruins of an archive storage room. Something that might be worth money.

    Old Terry paid a call and helped them clean out the temple of Demigorgon. He destroyed the ...
  4. After Action 4-1-09

    Friday was a quiet game of mostly Dungeons & Accountants. We got out of the dark and forbidding lands and back into civilization.

    We had some decent role play and walked unmolested to the coast. I guess we are big scary adventurers now. Bandits run the other way.

    It's been two game years since the campaign started. Raphael, my character is now 12th level as are most of the others. Raphael doesn't see himself as an intimidating person. It just does not occur ...
  5. Friday

    It's the busy weekend. Gaming this evening at OU, a MDLUG meeting tomorrow and my own game after that. So I'll be thin on the ground here at PnP for the weekend.

    I expect that tonight's game will be a soft one, lots of role-playing. Last week will killed a dragon, and this week we get back to civilization. For months we have not seen the sun. I play to enjoy every minute. Our pockets are full of loot and we managed to not get anyone killed. We even came out a character ahead. ...
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