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Blog Comments

  1. JamesClay's Avatar
    Do you have an easy way to creat dungon maps. It is the dungon maps that alway give me trouble.
  2. cplmac's Avatar
    That was a truely captivating read.
  3. Groqx's Avatar
    Loved It! Truly inspiring writing!
  4. Groqx's Avatar
    That was a good story Malruhn!
    I enjoyed it alot.
  5. Malruhn's Avatar
    I guess I get the first comment. It's funny what you naturally read into your own writing that doesn't exist in reality.

    POISON!! The damned darts are POISONED!! Dammit! I know that it was there, as I could see and smell it - but I didn't add it to the story. (consider it added!)

  6. Skunkape's Avatar
    Great blog! Your comments about what happened in college are similar to what I did there at about the same time too!

    Thanks for posting, it was a good read.
  7. templeorder's Avatar
    Well said!