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Sass & Sorcery

Odd thoughts, random musings, and irreverent commentary. Oh, and that roleplaying stuff, too~

  1. Bad Viacom. No Biscuit.

    Since ditching cable service, I've been reliant on the intarwebs for my daily Daily Show fix. But Viacom pulled their Comedy Central lineup from Hulu starting yesterday (or, at the very least, all two programs in their lineup that I actually watch).

    In spirit of supporting the content I love, I watched Tuesday's program last night, via Tried to watch would be more accurate, as the video buffer froze at the same spot during the interview. Multiple times. Reloading the ...
  2. Wherein I Have a Horrible, Horrible Idea

    A terrible, sanity-draining idea: running Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness and another game ... as written by Jim Henson.

    That is, build mutant animals (or even, gasp, humans) as usual, set them within whatever genre and world, then treat it as a Muppet sketch. Naturally, this is slapstick comedy. Perhaps even a musical number or three.

    Some examples:

    * TMNT + Ninjas & Superspies: The Karate Pig. The Frog with the Golden Gun. (Kung Fu ...
  3. Wherein I Read 4E

    So here I am, having sworn off any large reptilian magical beasts and the locales in which they nest, with Fourth Edition corebooks. And I gots to say, they look a real sight better than the previous edition's, just from a book angle; that is, the 3E books made my eyes gloss over, and the 4E books are *readable.* Lemme tell you, having your game's rules on white (or a lighter solid color) in nice big print makes a world of difference in how I read the text.

    Also, the raised foreground ...
  4. Tempting FATE: Advancement

    There's one aspect of hacking up Spirit of the Century that was neglected in the previous posts: character advancement. That is, characters change in response to their experiences. Usually by getting mechanically better at what they do. Most games that I've seen build on this base model, either with levels or build points. Spirit of the Century, as written, is not one of these games.

    By design, characters have already "made it" as pulp adventurers and heroes, so there's nowhere ...
  5. Tempting FATE: The Force and Other Setting Considerations

    We've covered the main mechanical aspects of FATE, as they relate to Star Wars; in both the Skills and Stunts posts, we referenced the Force in one fashion or another. So now it's time to describe the Force, how it works, and so forth, within the context of FATE.

    By now, most of us geeky types understand the Force, either by casual watching of the films or a more in-depth, analytical look at the philosophies that emerge. And the arguments over the nature of the ...
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