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Hey I Can Chan

  1. The Islands: Waclaw and Mastoorah


    The ruler of Waclaw (pronounced VAK-LA) is Duke Pawel Wladyslaw, a dipsomaniacal nitwit who is the plaything of his Council of Significant Persons, corrupt businessmen and landowners whose goals are to squeeze every copper from every pauper, live magnificently on the backs of as many peasants as they can gather, and conquer foreign lands where they can continue doing the previous two things.

    More than anywhere else, the nation of Waclaw is nearly dead. The land is ...
  2. The Islands: Introduction and Clenchwarton

    The Campaign

    This begins with where you came from (“The Old World”) and transitions to where you are (“The New World”) and ends with cleanup sections on language and religion. This is all the information I’ve written about these places. I have concepts, ideas, and threads bouncing around my brain, obviously, but to give you more I have to write more, and I’d rather play more. Make wise decisions if you want more information.

    Further, as this world has only just been born—and ...
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