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Hey I Can Chan

  1. The Islands: Characters

    The Characters
    Characters are unique to the player and, often, the campaign. I dont want you to sit down at the table and think, You know, the next fighter we encounter could be me. And I certainly dont want you to be outclassed by an NPC that I, purely by accident, made more effective than you made your character. Thats shitty policy in a role-playing game of high fantasy adventure.

    So your character is special.

    You tell me what you want to do, and I build your ...
  2. The Islands: The New World, Part 2

    What Do I Know about Where We Are?
    You know that Clenchwarton is the primary power in the islands; when you see a ship, itll probably be a Clenchwart vessel. You know that Clenchwarton nominally shares the responsibility with Waclaw for overseeing the largest city in the islands; they are both imperialist powers seeking conquest and resources and hoping to one-up and outdo each other. Pitting them against each other, especially on this kind of scale where it could actually matter, might ...
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  3. The Islands: The New World, Part 1

    The New World

    The new world is lush and beautiful, yet with untold promise comes terrible danger. The new world sparkles but darkly. And the old world wants it.

    Your character cant be from the new world. You start play here, yes, but you didnt start here. The issue is one of cognitive disconnect: If only one PC were to be from the islands, Id have to give that one player all the information he would have and not give it to everyone else and then play a different game ...
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  4. The Islands: Langwarrin and Other Places


    The leader of Langwarrin (pronounced lan-GWOR-rin) is President Judas Pearcedale, a friendly enough sort who was elected president of Langwarrin unanimously.

    He voted for himself.

    He lives in a beach shack on the western coast of the huge island that is Langwarrin. President Pearcedale waits until a shipment of prisoners arrives from Clenchwarton, gives them food hes scrounged from the surrounding scrubland and local lakes, offers the newcomers ...
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  5. The Islands: Fǔshn and Kbme

    The ruler of Fǔshn (pronounced foo-SHOON) is the Celestial God-Emperor in the Ninth Sunrise of the Jade Forever Majestic, Xuzfei (pronounced SHOOZ-fy) the Eternal Warrior. He is a lich who, until three months ago, consumed a soul a day to maintain his corporeal form. Now he must consume ten, and it is rumored that soon he will need a hundred or possibly a thousand. No one knows what brought this about, but the weather in Fǔshn has taken a turn for the worse: it rains all the ...
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