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Hey I Can Chan

  1. High-level Play, Part 6

    What about Coming Back?
    This is one of the ugly secrets of high-level play: Characters are supposed to die all the time. And then they’re supposed to get better.

    Unless, of course, steps are taken to ensure a character can’t get better. Then the character’s hosed.

    So, dead or alive, you need to know…

    Death Is Funny
    The definition of dead (Player’s Handbook 307) reads that, most of the time, death causes a creature’s “soul to leave the body and journey ...
  2. High-level Play, Part 5

    Stop Instant Transportation before It Happens
    This is really hard. If Team Antagonist’s uses a spell from scrying subschool to scout an area, and Team Protagonist doesn’t know, only previously installed preventative measures stop the incoming teleport ambush.

    The problem with the spell zone of respite [abjur] (Spell Compendium 244) is duration. While the spell prevents teleport effects from working within the area, even with the staff of extended zone of respite (20th) (45,000 ...
  3. High-level Play, Part 4

    Know How Instant Transportation Works
    If you believe you’ve been the victim of scrying, for God’s sakes, rearrange the furniture!

    The teleport spell is a legacy spell. In first edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons the magic-user employed the teleport spell for emergency escapes or transporting really good heavy swag. The first edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons magic-user didn’t try to figure out how to teleport into the king’s bedchamber, slit some royal throat, and teleport ...
  4. High-level Play, Part 3

    Make Yourself Aware of Other Divination Spells
    The universal counter to divinations is the Vecna-blooded template (Monster Manual 5 66-7), which unravels the creature from cosmic tapestry or something, and it’s pretty awesome. There’s nothing else in the game that humps divinations harder than the Vecna-blooded template.

    A wand of extended misdirection [illus] (Player’s Handbook 254) (12th) (13,500 gp; 0 lbs.) moves all the creature’s auras from the affected creature to something ...
  5. High-level Play, Part 2

    Stop the Spying before the Spying Starts
    Although the creature can’t do anything about it, if the creature has the feat Whispered Secrets (Races of Destiny 155), after he’s the target of the spell but before his Spell Resistance’s checked and before he makes a saving throw, he knows someone’s making an attempt to observe him via a spell in the scrying subschool.

    The scrying and greater scrying spells check for Spell Resistance, and, as Spell Resistance “is like an Armor Class ...
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