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  1. tim.mineshine's Avatar
    We are now to 4 Players (In order of Joining, and some have changed what they were playing): Social Adept/Face, Rigger/Driver, St. Sam, Combat Mage....

    Looking for 2 more players.
  2. tim.mineshine's Avatar
    We've just started, and we play on Friday. The two players are a "Close-In St. Samurai and a Hermetic Mage. I would like at least 3 more players and have no problem with beginners to the SR4 system. I even have a few Pre-Generated Characters if you want to try to play the game before making your own PC.

    The game is about 60% Role Playing and 40% Combat (Roll playing). We are using Chummer to make our PC'S/NPC'S.
  3. cplmac's Avatar
    Nice to see that with online gaming, it allows members of our military a way to get to participate in gaming, no matter where they may be stationed. This is why when someone asks about ideas on where to find players, I usually recomend checking the local military base recreation dept.