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  1. Blond Gamer Girl's Avatar
    Welcome to the world of gaming! Don't sweat the rules! Remember common sense supercedes all other rules.
  2. Q-man's Avatar
    Glad to hear more people are taking an interest in tabletop gaming. Don't sweat it about the rules, even after years of playing my group still doesn't get them all right.

    Enjoy making the maps, and be sure to add in some tricks and puzzles for your players to work through.
  3. jpatterson's Avatar
    That's terrific to hear, and great of you to post this and share your first gaming experience with others! Glad it went well for everyone. Do realize there are a LOT of other games available, plenty of free PDFs to try also, or at least look through, to get an idea if other games or styles (with varying levels of rules complexity) might be more to your groups' liking. The right side of my site here has a lot of resources you might find useful. Join us in the chatroom here sometime too, there's usually good conversation, advice, people to help clarify things, online games, etc. Good luck and happy new year!