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  1. The Worst News of all Time

    So 5 years ago, I had a gf for six month's or so named Stephenie that I was starting to really like. I told her I loved her. Things were good and I expected them to get even better. However I got the impression she was still kinda hesitant about "us" because sometimes she wouldn't come by when I asked, or would rather go out with her friends. But I wasn't a jealous type and I was happy to miss her, as long as I was her boyfriend.

    Then she tells me she's pregnant, a ...
  2. Kingdom Generator

    I designed this kingdom generator for my new world of Khodax.

    Step one, on a piece of engineering graph paper draw a regional map to the scale of 20 miles per square. Include major geological features like rivers, forests, hills and mountains.

    Kingdom Size:
    Roll 1d100 x 10 square miles (You can adjust this to create larger or smaller kingdoms.) After you calculate the square mileage of the kingdom, have the PC outline on the map where his borders will be.

  3. Narayan is scars_of_carma

    Yes its me. I wanted to change my handle cause scars_of_carma is what I was using for all my other handles on automotive-forums and instant-messengers.

    I realized that if I was online specifically to game, I didn't want guys Im'ing me to talk about cars its too distracting. That's why I've decided to use different handles for different hobbies.

    I did try and get scars_of_carma literally changed or at least deleted but the admins didn't reply to my request so sorry ...