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General Campaign Rules

A collection of common rules applied to all campaigns run by nijineko. exceptions or special exceptions to these rules will be posted in the individual campaign rules.

  1. Rule of Yes

    In my various campaign rules postings, I have listed my preferences as a GM. However, I would like it explicitly stated that I believe in the Rule of Yes: if it is not forbidden or defined, it's allowable; and even if it is forbidden and/or defined, we can discuss a workaround... - and am willing to discusses and make exceptions to my preferences and even the game rules on a case-by-case basis. I like working with my players, and enabling them to accomplish their goals for their characters.
  2. Character Generation....

    Unless specified otherwise on a per campaign basis, character generation uses the following method (please see further requirements at the end of this post):

    4d6, drop lowest die, generate column of six stats.

    Repeat twice more, generating two more columns.

    No switching numbers between columns.

    Pick best column.

    Assign numbers from chosen column to stats as you see fit.

    Apply racial / template / etc., adjustments. ...
  3. Unearthed Arcana and fun variant rules....

    For general clarification, here is a list of things that are generally allowed, individual campaigns may vary...:

    Chapter one: all.

    Chapter two: all but the prestige versions of bard, paladin, and ranger; the gestalt characters (unless and until i run a gestalt campaign, that is), and the generic characters.

    Chapter three: character traits, flaws, and spelltouched feats.

    Chapter four: action points. ...

    Updated 07-22-2011 at 01:22 AM by nijineko

    General Campaign Rules
  4. class, prestige, race, and ecl

    classes, prestige, and races from allowed materials are all acceptable. when selecting a race that has an ecl, it must total less than the level limit for the campaign in question, whatever that may be. picking a race that does not have an ecl or racial class equivalent might fall under the 'i want to pick...' post, and will certainly require close work with me to come up with the ecl. if the final ecl calculation (using the rules and suggestions in savage species) is under the level limit for that ...
  5. i want to pick (insert exotic and rare choice from obscure sourcebook here)...

    if you pick something rare, exotic, strange, unusual, specific to a region, organization, individual, or time, and especially at odds with the rest of your choices and background, there will be a "payment" for said choice.

    said "payment" is that you will be required to write a more extensive background than normal detailing some of the who, what, where, how, and why it came to pass that you were there, then, and somehow managed to get access to said pick. ...

    Updated 07-22-2011 at 01:19 AM by nijineko

    General Campaign Rules
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