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  1. nijineko's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by michael
    You're a good writer.
    Thank you. I feel I have much room for improvement, though.
  2. XeroDrift's Avatar
    of course i refer to the story in its entirety
  3. XeroDrift's Avatar
    excellently written, very well done, kudos
  4. michael's Avatar
    You're a good writer.
  5. cplmac's Avatar
    Hey nijineko! Glad to see that your back on. I actually moved the campaign posts of my Tsojcanth campaign to my blog. Guess I had to move into the 21st century sometime. Anyhow, looking forward to seeing you posting again.
  6. Arch Lich Thoth-Amon's Avatar
    Hello Nijineko,

    Jingle cats? What a long time it's been since i listened to the Jingle Cats. Wish i could go back to that earler age when drawing from that memory.

    Anyways, i dont usually click on the blogs, but your blog title called out to my curiousity. If and when i have a cool gaming group ongoing, or something else equally cool to share, be sure that i will have to create a blog for others as well to peruse at their leisure.

    Game on!