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nijineko's world

meanderings of the sasuraijin.

  1. chapter three: the meeting of the members....

    On the eve of Metalday, 5th Month of the Year of the Emberhound. It seems that the feeling of confidence almost invariably precedes a fall. Thus in the face of the feeling of confidence that Pik and I have been feeling, I am wondering what we have missed. We have met with Nadem's friends. They seem most capable individuals. Our time spent training together has helped us to become known to each other. Indeed, the times of sharing about ourselves and our experiences in combat have done as much in ...

    Updated 05-20-2011 at 03:14 PM by nijineko

    Campaign Logs , Against the Giants Campaign Journal
  2. chapter two: cloak and blindfold....

    On the Morn of Fireday, 5th Month of the Year of the Emberhound. I so value Pik's wisdom. In his blunt and abrasive way, he asks questions that, quite frankly, would not occur to me until much too late. We now prepare to embark on our journey with Nadem, to meet with his friends. We, I, have high hopes for this venture. Pik is grumbling as usual about having to cover himself from the prejudiced eyes of the common townsfolk. I remind him that I have to cover myself just as thoroughly, or suffer severe ...

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    Campaign Logs , Against the Giants Campaign Journal
  3. chapter one: an unexpected beginning....

    On the Morn of Moonday, 5th Month of the Year of the Emberhound. This morning we unexpectedly are found by Nadem. We spent the night in the town of Enrobek, and I was persuading the innkeeper about taking food up to our room to break our fast, when I was called by a familiar voice. Most unexpected. Nadem has the most uncanny knack of turning up at unusual, if needed times. And more, he was actually looking for us! It seems we will not have to go hire-hunting after all. Nadem has already a venture ...

    Updated 05-20-2011 at 03:11 PM by nijineko

    Campaign Logs , Against the Giants Campaign Journal
  4. moving again... wheee....

    but only a short distance! ^^ we seem to have finally managed to arrange for our own place to stay, and thus will be moving out of our kind friend's place, where they have been putting us up until we could find a place. =D so a very short hop a few streets over, and hopefully we will be staying put for a good while.
  5. CoS campaign players... i'm back, so game up!

    now that i'm back, i think we'll be seeing posting frequency of once every week to two weeks, depending on how many time a week i can stay late after work and use the internet. ^^

    as always, use my contact options in my profile to get a hold of me... in the mornings and afternoons (pst) are the best times at current.

    those of you in my carnival of souls campaign will see varying times of posting, possibly more close to the once a week goal.

    Updated 01-06-2009 at 05:36 PM by nijineko

    Carnival of Souls Campaign Blog
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