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nijineko's world

meanderings of the sasuraijin.

  1. Allowed and disallowed materials

    Allowed materials consist of "100% official WotC material" to include dungeon and dragon magazine content as well as website materials related to 3.0 and 3.5 versions. Official material includes material deemed official by WotC from the recognized sites for old campaign settings. (Dark Sun, Planescape, Mystara, Ravenloft, Spelljammer, Birthright.)

    The following WotC published books are exceptions: boed, bovd, eoe, ee, coe, cov, fc1 and fc2.

    • book of exalted

    Updated 07-22-2011 at 01:43 AM by nijineko

    General Campaign Rules
  2. Character generation

    i use the method of 3 columns of 6 rows of 4d6 drop the lowest. in order to do this, roll 4d6 six times. each time drop the lowest die of the four, keeping the highest three. this will result in one column of six rolls, like so:


    repeat this process two more times, resulting in three columns of six rolls, like so:

    12 10 15
    09 11 08
    17 14 07
    13 11 16
  3. chapter twenty-seven: mysterious ending, return beginning....

    Death was an experience I do not care to repeat. I have set the account down in it's fullness elsewhere. As this is my common book, certain to be had before many eyes, perhaps even before my death, it is not something that should be here for all to see. It was so close a duel. But he beat me by a sliver of time. I remember falling... falling into darkness. Sounds sliding away from me as I became aware of the sound of a great machine marking time beneath the threshold of awareness. As it stopped, ...
  4. chapter twenty-five: deadly errors compounded.

    We made our way carefully to the place of burial. There we were able to find what my mother was looking for. Since we were bound to not disturb anything, I memorized what I saw. We also found the skeleton of a woman, in fine garments. My mother. I wonder if what she found was worth her efforts. What were her desires for my destiny? How did I come to be the sole survivor, a helpless babe? It seems that finding the secrets of my past has simply revealed new secrets underneath.

    As we ...
  5. chapter twenty-four: the serpent in the oasis....

    My heart was heavy when the high-priest came to us. His face was stern, austere. In a flash of inspiration, I beseeched him to permit me to address the tribe before the verdict was given. To my relief, he acceded. Prepared with some minor magical oratory enhancement to aid me, which I felt safe in using, as it did not directly affect any of the tribal members I addressed, I stood and presented myself. I drew upon my memories of my early life with my first-kin, and guessed at customs that we would ...
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