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  1. Excerpts From An Adventure

    Dungeon Master:
    "The ground steadily begins to slope downwards at a steady angle as you make your descent into the valley. A light fog slowly begins to engulf you, steadily growing thicker with every few yards that you travel."
    "I light a torch and hold it before me as I take point at the front of the party."
    Dungeon Master:
    "The flickering light of your torch does little to reveal your surroundings as the ground finally levels out. You travel for some distance, now
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  2. Adventure Idea #1: The Necromancer's Test

    I was reading a section of The Complete Book of Necromancers by TSR and came across the mentioning that sometimes a necromancer would have multiple candidates vying to be his/her apprentice. So (while I'm sure this has been done already) why not have a necromancer build a multi-tier dungeon as a kind of "testing grounds" for them?


    1. Within each level could be a mini-boss. Perhaps an undead apprentice who failed that tier and ...
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  3. Player Etiquette Tip

    One of the things I've noticed with some of the groups that I've played with, still being rather new to the world of Dungeons and Dragons and RPGs in general, is that alot of players don't seem to have a good grasping of Player Etiquette.

    A small thing that bugs me with some players is that they impose on the DM alot, saying things along the lines of "Redgorf walks over and opens the chest", versus "Redgorf is going to walk over and open the chest". While the differences ...