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Nobody Understands Me

Nobody understands they donít know what i feel i cut myself to relieve the pain on the inside but everybody thinks I do it to try to act all cool but I donít care what people think or say at school they donít live my life so they donít understand the hurt I feel on the inside nobody seems to to understand my life is messed up nothing ever feels right. Nothing is ever good in my life. Everything is wrong nobody seems to understand that it hurts to realize that I donít have a dad or mom. Everybody tells me to forget the past. To forget the friendships that never did last. I move from town to town trying to find a home but never do succeed. Every step that I take is more pain developing. I wish somebody would say they understand then again they couldnít all my life revolves around death my life is like a dream a dream slowly becoming a nightmare which i wake from screaming. Nobody seems to understand that foster care is the worst place to be I get moved into a house full of strangers without any of my family. I sit there wondering why and the longer i sit there the harder i cry. I wish my brother was right here by my side as I cry my eyes out all damn night nobody gets that all I want is some one to hold my hand and look me in the eyes and tell theyíll be there right by my side starting right then and as all my wishes just fade away I take a blade and try to cut my life away and still nobody understands me all I want is for one day my life is not full of misery.

  1. I Dont Want To Be That Girl.....

    I donít want to be that girl
    The one who sits at home and cries
    The one who thinks of him and always sighs
    The one who gets used
    The one whoís abused
    The one whoís seriously confused
    I donít want to be her
    Her pain is great
    The guy she loves is late
    He has yet to figure out sheís the one
    The one thats beauty far surpasses her looks
    The girl you hear about in books
    The one who holds him as her world
    The girl ...
  2. ~- A Nightmare -~

    Evil convenience at the most up-wrecked time.
    Sitting there all alone, your life worth a dime.
    You can see your future in your own zombie-like dreams.
    But you could care less, it could be some devil-like scheme.

    You walk alone in day or night, with no sign of fright.
    You eat alone all year long, with no sense of delight.
    Blood oozing from the 6 inch depth wounds.
    Hoping that you'll fall over dead, but not too soon.

    You want ...
  3. Tale of an Emo Princess

    Princess Dominica looked so beautiful

    All dressed in black

    With white make-up and dark purple lips

    She sat on the throne so full of majesty

    The onlookers were dazzled by her beauty

    And worshipped the ground she walked upon

    The King was not well

    And expected to die soon

    And the Queen had died long ago

    So the young princess would soon rule the Kingdom

  4. Numb

    The day came too fast,
    I forgot to get out of bed and woke to the moon,
    I couldn't read a book,
    The letters was too big and the words made sense,

    I tried to feel today,
    But I'm horribal at emotions,
    Now I know why the meds keep them at bay,

    I need to stop dreaming,
    I need to wake up,
    I've got an appointment with my bed and she hates it when I'm late

    I can't wait till I'm grown up,
    Wait, sorry ...
  5. Another Uneeded Cut You Made

    I know you are gone,
    I have accepted that,
    But I still have scratches and bruises,
    That you just keep jabbing at.
    I'm gone out of your life,
    Your new girlfriend has made sure of that.
    I avoid seeing or speaking to you in the halls,
    I need my time to let my wounds heal and all.
    The few scratches I made before that had nothing to do with you,
    They seem to be reopening every time you do the things you do.
    My arm was healed,
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