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  1. Lazarus's Avatar
    I got my copy. pruttm put a crap ton of work into this and jp's renderings are awesome. You get 48 pages of adventure and near 100 more pages of maps and figure flats, this product is well worth the money.

  2. Morashitar's Avatar
    I just bought a copy and am really pleased with it. I plan to host a few games online in the future!
  3. tesral's Avatar
    Can you give us a thumbnail of what you did?
  4. ak47's Avatar
    i have access this chat jp posted many times and stayed in for a hr or two it is as dead as chat is here i really see no use for it now no one uses it.
  5. Carodwen's Avatar

    Also I guess it just wont work for me I tried logging into yours but it won't work.
  6. Carodwen's Avatar
    I was trying to work on mine but i was having issues sorry bout that.
  7. Blond Gamer Girl's Avatar
    Very impressive - the thought and planning you put into your game. Too bad you're not local or I'd be up for it.
  8. templeorder's Avatar
    I think your first sentence sums it up really. Its important to establish ahead of time... but its also important to have consistent physics in any game - regardless of the source - super powers, magic, psychic... some elements of realism should remain consistent in order to let character assess and plan situation and scenarios appropriately.
  9. templeorder's Avatar
    No plan of battle ever survives contact with the enemy. As long as everyone keeps having fun, don't worry too much.
  10. Machine Gott's Avatar
    Nice post, Savage Worlds Rules!..lol.
  11. deaconabyss's Avatar
    Glad your enjoying it. SW is a somewhat overlooked system. I consider it simple yet just as rich. In my opinion fun, fast, and furious. We are in a Deadlands campaign ATM an it is great. Rules are easier than programming a modern appliance and faster. For all those who have not tried the game "do not fear the use of dies for stat and skill rolls" it works out quite well.
  12. Malachi57's Avatar
    Having a teenage stepson of my own, I can tell you it's a common theme with teenagers these days. It's far too easy for them to have someone else supply the imagination for them. I would say TV and video games are the main culprits, but moreso because those 2 things take up more of children's time these days than any other activity out there. Even when I was growing up, I only had Transformers and G.I. Joe to watch. After that, there wasn't anything I was interested in watching, so the rest of my night was spent reading comic books or drawing. I eventually turned that into a degree in Illustration, but with the advent of the Cartoon Network, it's cartoons all day and all night.

    I will say that most kids, if coached a little bit, are more than willing to give their imaginations a workout. My stepson is getting much better at playing his role rather than reading his character sheet, but it's a process that I think all future gamers will need to become accustomed to. I think the visualization idea is great! I'm not sure how it would go over with my group, but it's something I'm definitely interested in trying.
  13. Blond Gamer Girl's Avatar
    Well, I won't get into the few awful first gaming experiences I had but I will talk about imagination. After I started novice writing and got criticized for lack of description, I began writing better description. Hence, in my GM'ing I got more descriptive as well. When players enter a room, building or whatnot, I set the scene by describing sight, sound, smell and if applicable touch or taste. Instead of making rolls for conclusions, I tell folks that if they tell me they're checking out something closely, I give a detailed descriptions that can lead to conclusions: tailored clothing, types of books on the shelf and such.

    Description hint: Put a picture in front of you of the NPC or scene and always have a sticky note listing the five senses and use it to set the scene.

    I prefer immersion almost to the point of LARP'ing. Setting scenes using good description and keeping in character, I think expands one's imagination. Also, for me it helps me to escape into fantasy for a few hours and not think about bills, work and taxes.

    Your last paragraph cracked me up because I had already planned something like that. In an upcoming session or two, it will be strictly roleplay and clues will be given through scene description only. To boot, I'm giving away roleplay points based on funniest moment, most creative and others.

    Scariest words a player can hear: "Put away the dice."
  14. I. J. Thompson's Avatar
    Great thoughts! This is why I love my diceless, online game so much. It's just pure, sensory awesome.
  15. Malachi57's Avatar
    I agree as well. I'm with Blond Gamer. I go about 90% with rules and try to know as much as I can, but I'm amazed that some people can keep track of all the nuances some of these games put out. I'm also an HP fudger more than anything else. More so when my players are rolling terribly and just can't hit the guy, because they only think it's funny once in a while when their character gets knocked unconscious/dead, not every encounter. I also COMPLETELY agree with throwing out the ammo rule. Unless you /really/ want to be that much of a stickler about keeping track, I'm not going to, I've got enough to keep me occupied.
  16. jpatterson's Avatar
    Thank you all for your comments, I appreciate your thoughts! =)
  17. Blond Gamer Girl's Avatar
    Well said and agreed. Before players join my game, I tell them if they're a book bot or rules lawyer, they'll have issue with my games. That being said I follow most games 90% and I publish a list of my disagreements with the book which is usually about five per system. "Common sense overides any rule."
  18. Valar's Avatar
    Hey there JP.,
    That's one hell of a rant and I can agree with you. The game should be fast moving, creative, and most of all fun. Now I've taken my favorite game and threw out that which bogs things down the most. No rewriting of the entire system, just a few tweeks here and there, and voila... Fun for all... and with your creativity I do believe you can do better than I have. Give it a shot....
  19. I. J. Thompson's Avatar
    Great read! I'm right there with ya.