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JP's Iced Tea PBP

This is mostly from the point-of-view from someone who has joined and is active on this site for forum or play-by-post gaming, as I can't guarantee a remotely consistent schedule week in and week out, or the ability to set aside hours of time, etc., so I'm left with pbp. And this is my blog to ramble on about gaming, normal tabletop and pbp, of course.

  1. Lost Island Activity

    Now I've had 3 players post, including one who really put some real creative effort into his character creation, including a photoshopped calendar for his failed career, and two more people are joining! PBP is fickle!
  2. Lost Island - Slow Start, MIA Player(s)

    Started with approximately 3 players, seem to have dropped to 2 (I hope the second person, that I know IRL, is reliable), though I now have another joining, and I may possibly have another person from the chatroom joining.

    It's a slow start - maybe it was all the faux Christopher Walken (Reginald Strolen) posts? It was a lot of text, but it felt like a typical convoluted action movies setup, that will eventually turn out to be pointless, like it should be.

    I finished putting ...
  3. My First Blog Post: Feng Shui: Lost Island

    I'm trying out this whole "blog" thing, on this here site here, and for my pbp I'm trying to get started.

    It's FENG SHUI, the action movie game! I need at least another player or two - fun in the sand and surf, be a reality show contestant, vote people off the island, fight for your life in the South Pacific ... uh I mean.... I always give things away when I write stuff! D'oh!

    Come check it out! Feng Shui: Lost Island
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