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  1. Live RPG 3

    In the Live RPG, Attributes are known as, the assassins TRAITS. There are 6 different Traits that define the characters strengths and weakness. The Traits not only effect the characters in-game stats, but are also used to role play an interesting assassin. Like I wrote before, the Traits are based on a scale of one to ten. One being weak, and ten strong. Below are the six Traits in order, based on Physical, Mental, and Emotional Traits. Two for each:

    >Agility ...
  2. Live RPG 2

    Not much response or intell from you gamers but I guess I should countinue to write about my RPGame. The game system is based on the number ten.
    (A standard d10, will be used in Live.)
    Ever thing is based on a number between 1-10. One being the lowest score, and ten being the best score possiable. Its like saying,"On a scale of 1 to 10, how hot is that chick?". Your characters traits (Attributes/ability scores in other games), are based on this 1-10 scale. Here is an example: ...
  3. Girls Boys and evey one else

    What kind of poeple does every one like in a gaming group?????
  4. Live RPG

    Im starting a new RPG based on realistic life of the past (1 BCE-1600 AD). In the game there is a clan of assassins who where and always have been the victims of being framed. The game explains why people are good and evil. It also explains why ancient texts refer to the darkness, as evil, and the light, as good. A sterio type that has never been explained. These assassins have lived since the beginng of man. Trained to deplet the corrupt, who abuse their power. Ever generation has a tale, and ever ...