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  1. Don't Hate The Dice: Hate The System

    My very first character in AD&D had all sixteens, in every stat, rolled in front of the GM, using the standard 3D6 system. I have yet to repeat that luck in character generation. I also had a generation that resulted in good strength, constitution, and max dexterity, average wisdom and intelligence, and a 4 charisma. He had to be an assassin, by the 1st Edition rules.

    This does not include all of the hopeless characters that get generated on a daily basis all over the world. You ...

    Updated 01-26-2010 at 08:05 PM by Anachronist (correcting range description of die roll)

  2. Rabid

    Back off.

    Sometimes I want to say that to people. They say "Man, how can you play (edition X) of that game? Everyone knows (edition Y) is so much better!

    RPGs have been around a long time now. From their humble beginnings of a couple of guys that published what was basically a pamphlet for which they could come up with no better name than "Chainmail" to the most recent 4th Edition game using online assisting programs, miniatures, landscape, spreadsheets, ...
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  3. Avatar; or Wild Elves Vs. Warhammer 40 K

    Let me start by saying that no person able to see the movie Avatar on the big screen should miss the opportunity to do so. Imax is better. Imax 3D should pretty much pop your geek gland's clutch. Seriously. Go watch this movie if you already haven't. The story is excellent and very well told. Sure, some stuff is telegraphed. But I am sincere when I say that I wish I had written it.

    That said, you can still put it on the back burner and simmer until it is reduced to wild elves Vs. Warhammer ...

    Updated 01-22-2010 at 08:07 AM by Anachronist (corrected title of game referenced)

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  4. Randomizers

    I received some dice I ordered recently; crystal dice that are shaped differently from the standard polyhedrals with which we're familiar. These are shaped differently... like this. By the way; I can recommend that web site for ordering dice and bags. My wife got some nice Elven Runic dice from them, and I also got a black bag with silver and grey spiders in webs.

    What is it about we gamers and our dice? We don't like it when other people handle certain dice. Other dice we will loan ...
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  5. Blarg

    Home from work, not feeling well. Blarg... er... blog time.

    So I've been trying out Star Trek Online.

    I don't think I'm going to buy it, and I'll tell you why.

    It's too easy.

    The starship combat is far too simplified (speaking as a player of Star Fleet Battles for many many years) for my tastes, the ground missions are railroad "find and click" affairs with a bit of simple combat built in, and the most complicated thing about ...
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