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  1. side-story on Trel (reading for the bored)

    I haven't had much luck finding players for my game, ...out of boredom I started writing a story based on my world. I will randomly determine the following factors for the characters in this story:
    • age
    • alignment
    • race
    • sex
    • starting location
    • class

    This presents a better creative-writing challenge. It will also help prepare me for the random characters players come up with. I intend to generate a different character from each of the 24 major realms on Trel and somehow ...

    Updated 03-15-2010 at 07:36 PM by scars_of_carma

    Trel , Gaming
  2. My reality

    Before accidents started whittling down my athletic ability I had ambitions to be a professional cyclist or basketball player. I also used to do cross country running and I hiked all the time. I was a pretty fit guy and I enjoyed exercise more then anything.

    When I was thirteen a car accident sprained my neck so bad I had to see a chiropractor twice a week for six months just to get my head back on straight, literally. I had to give up sports and even P.E. after that, doctors orders. ...
  3. A PC's life is finite.

    Saying its unfair to give the PC's an equal chance to die as the NPC's is just silly. The PC's at least get to choose their battles most of the time. NPC's and monsters are an expendable, renewable resource. They always die off faster then the PC's. If they didn't it would be a very short game and I would be a very lousy Dungeon Master.

    If a PC gets thrown into an arena and forced to fight a veteran gladiator should they not be scared? Is it wrong to assume that gladiator is a survivor ...

    Updated 12-22-2009 at 10:00 PM by scars_of_carma

  4. Gaming

    So I'm glad I found P&P it certainly appears to be a very good gaming resource/forum. I dunno what took me so long to look for sites like this... I was sitting at home today thinking to myself "damn I'm bored I wanna try and get a PBEM going or something to have more inspiration for my world-building..." That's what finally got me looking.

    I have been looking on other random RPG sites and community sites since yesterday. So far I've got one person possibly interested? ...

    Updated 03-15-2010 at 06:59 PM by scars_of_carma (category)

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