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  1. Happy Birthday Bly!

  2. Blood on the Stones Act 1

    It is the year 1425 in the Kingdom of Acamea. The Crusade of King Braden I is embroiled in violent battles all over the kingdom. Recently, Spelltember, capital of Spell Haven was sacked by drow.

    Player Characters
    Kom Stone-http://www.penandpapergames.com/foru...Cloaked-Figure


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  3. The Chronicles of Acamea

    "Father, there are fresh tracks over here!" Braden cried out pointing to the ground beneath his steed.
    "Good lad!" The Baron replied twisting the reigns to trot up beside his son.
    "The hounds are on the trail!" Braden gestured at a nearby thicket across a stream that meandered before the lords and their prey.
    "Hmm. Lucky they weren't thrown off the scent. What should we do now?" The Baron asked his eyes smiling. ...

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  4. The Nature of Magic and The Great Wheel

    To understand the nature of magic one must first comprehend the nature of The Great Wheel. Time is the mechanism that keeps the great wheel of The Planes turning. As time moves, things change. The relationship of time and change is measured with age. Time is a constant omnipresent force, or rather, the relationship of change to the passage of time is constant.

    Nothing on the great wheel is permanent. Time changes all eventually and the breadth of time itself is inconceivable. The ...

    Updated 04-09-2010 at 02:24 PM by scars_of_carma

  5. My Mass Combat Rules

    In order to simplify combat on a large scale Units have 2 values to consider. Attack and Defense. These are generalized values and modifiers used when considering a units weapons, armor and level of training.

    Attack Bonus
    Primitive or Small Weapons (-1)
    Simple Weapons - (-)
    Melee Weapon - (+1 / +2)
    Reach Weapons - Attack Bonus (+3)
    Ranged Weapons - Can attack targets at range, thats a huge advantage

    Defense Rating
    Uniform (11) ...
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