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  1. Hardwired Rocked!

    I watched Hardwired last night. It was such a cool movie. I think any fan of Shadowrun could appreciate it. It wasn’t “traditional” SR, of course, but the theme and setting was great. It was near future, and the corporations had taken over. The evil mega-corporation had a plan to subvert people to its will and make even more money. Then enter the runners, who find out about this evil plot. Again, since this was not “traditional” SR, the runners are not motivated by money and power, but morality ...
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  2. My muse is again whispering in my ear...

    So, I was reading through some old campaign notes last night. It was the beginning of a Mystara (OD&D world) campaign with some of my variations put in. I never got a chance to get the campaign of the ground before my hiatus. Reading through it really got the creative juices flowing again, though. I think I would really like to run this campaign.

    I guess I need to get myself back into the saddle and start refreshing myself with my material. I could use some advice on ...
  3. Is It Time To Come Back?

    I just joined Pen and Paper. I'm very happy I did, too. I have been on a gaming hiatus for about two years now. Prior to that, I was/am a gaming veteran of over 20 years. I love tabletop gaming. I started with the "Little Red Box", and the rest is history. Like most of you reading this, gaming has been my hobby and my passion. I've had some killer groups - and good friends - over the years. My last gaming experience really went sour, though. I had some bad chemistry with one of ...