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Evil Nosferatu

  1. Charlotte, NC needs a gaming jumpstart it seems.

    Iím either doing things horribly wrong or Charlotte is simply a place of the gaming void. Iíve tried to join up with some groups in the D&D community that play the Living Forgotten Realms modules, but the problem I find here is that I might as well be doing war gaming. There is some role-play but youíre pretty much an ass if your character has a problem with another personís character and wonít let the module commence. You suffer PCitis horribly and thereby simply allow PCs into the party because ...
  2. Free form blog, how fun.....?

    Well Iím kinda in a gaming slump at the moment. Iím planning on moving to Charlotte, NC in about 2 months and cannot wait to get there. I came back to P&P to get an idea of some of the people that I could be looking up once I get there. Gamers out here on the west coast donít seem to be as passionate as those on the east. I suppose I miss that. No offense west coasters, but itís ironic that wizards is based here. HAHAHAHA! Maybe I do prefer white wolf after all?

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