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  1. The Brooding City: Chapter 5 The Myst of Death

    Garrit and Sresika continue their investigations and daily lives in the district. When Garrit returns off shift he discover their normal watering hole, the Hooting Frog was bustling with activity late at night. The previous owner had loaded his belongs into a wagon while several wagons of materials and furniture were being moved in by bronze colored dwarves with red hair. The dwarves were busily giving the new tavern a face lift into a dragon and stone motif. Garrit talked to the previous owner ...

    Updated 05-25-2009 at 02:18 PM by wizarddog

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  2. The Brooding City: Chapter 4 Raiders and Chapter 5 Myst of Death

    With the death of the inquisitor and his body guards, the resistance regroups as the Hyena Guard and the remaining Blackguards burst through prison doors. Two of their fellow resistance fighters they liberated join in the fight against the guards. One falls in the battle however.

    After a fierce battle, the guards are defeated and the resistance storms the precinct looking for the other unaccounted resistance fighters and any documents pertaining to their interrogation. Garrick ...

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  3. The Brooding City: Chapter 4 Raiders

    After successfully capturing the magical items from the vault of Jasper Jewel, the resistance continued for week performing their duties in their cover professions. They are soon summoned by the resistance leaders for another mission.

    A resistant cell had been raided by the City's special Blackguards. The cell had been performing operations in the adjacent precinct and was tipped off by an unknown traitor in the group. The fighters were detained at the Hyena Watch precinct which was ...
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  4. The Brooding City: Chapter 3 The Vault of Jasper Jewel

    Escaping the cultist of Brother Gunther, the resistance fighters make way into the vault of Jasper Jewel. Their rescued potential sacrifice still unconscious, they leave her comfortable in the corner as they search their surroundings. Upon observation, Garrit notices the sound of footfalls and sweeping. Evidence the chamber has been cleaned is shown by the piles of dirt and dust swept in the corners by an Unseen Servant.

    The chamber had only three doors to exit. The door to the south ...
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  5. Kevins Game-Savage Tide Part 5

    Oh, how the Cleric and wizard out shine us all...

    This session proved to be pivotal on how our martial PC's have greatly been overshadowed by our spell casting partners.

    Our mission was to find our wreck sea Wyvern on the sandy shores of the Isle of Dread in hopes of fixing it up in response to the Crimson Fleet's coming attack. Save for captain Shar, we are all 9th level.

    Naturally, we get a random encounter of a hezrou on the ship. Even with ...

    Updated 04-15-2009 at 09:19 AM by wizarddog

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