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  1. Game Mechanics: The Hit system

    I started experimenting with a system in 3.5 which simulates the minions in 4e and adds a bit of simplicity to the combats.

    I like to have more monsters in battle--it gives a more realistic situation. The problem with CR and with 3.5 is that in order to meet the EL, multiple monsters will need to be a lower CR and they don't provide a danger to the PC's. They need 20's to hit PC's maximized in AC. In turn, the PC have to deal with low level creatures that pose no threat and are just ...
  2. The Path to Pathfinder

    Our DM, who runs a Savage Tide game has decided he needed to change the game. The power creep of the cleric and Wizard (at 11th level it becomes quite obvious of that) have overwhelm his fun in the game and he gave several ultimatums on how to fix that.
    One was to go to pathfinder and keep the current campaign. The wizard and Cleric are skeptical to Pathfinder but they decided to read it and see if it would suffice. I began the process of redesigning my elf ranger/scout to fit the new rule ...
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  3. The Brooding City: Ch7 Temple of the Hungry Eye prt3

    The group replenishes supplies and tries to penetrate the temple once again. To their dismay, the occupants used their resources to defend the complex. New traps were set up, difficult to disarm. They broke down a newly constructed wall only to come face to face with a baslkike that turn our Professor into stone. Once defeated Srieska and Garrit are besieged by a patrol with a half-orc warrior, an insect man ranger, a cloaked adept, and a feral bugbear. But the combined forces of Srieska and Garrit ...

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  4. The Brooding City Ch 7 Temple of the Hungry Eye Prt 2

    The story opens with Garrit trailing Ikam Vass, since his escape. He make sit to a decrepit boarding house and enters, only to find the carnage of man on a candle lit table with his brain eaten out. Garrit finds a note with Ikam who is sorry to have missed him. The note's postscript indicates he had left overs in the pantry of the house. Garrit was relieved that the woman bounded in the pantry was still alive if not hysterical.

    After alerting the local watch, Garrit deduced Ikam should ...
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  5. The Brooding City Chp 7 Temple of the Hungry Eye

    The aftermath of the burning of the Havenhold Asylum left a known Psionic murderer, Ikam Vaas free and a strange young girl of psionic power called Baby A. Baby A, now called Adeline by Srieska and Professor Gray shows no more of her powerful Psionic abilities but continues to converse with the her resistance liberators with her telepathy. Srieska converses with normally but at times the girl will go off on a tangent and described horrible and vivid visions of death and torture. Professor Gray can ...

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