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  1. The Gatekeeper Campaign Log

    I kicked off a new campaign about a year and a half ago called "The Gatekeeper," and I have had the extremely good fortune of having a published WotC designer and author at the table with us, Mr. Erik Scott de Bie. Erik, I have come to find out, is a tenacious writer. In the first few weeks of our game, he actually sent me more post game followup than all my players combined have sent me in the following year.

    So, I asked him if he'd focus that insatiable pen of his towards ...
  2. Why I'm Starting to Consider the iPad...

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    A few short weeks ago when the iPad was first announced, I was not among the throng of excited Apple groupies who had already made up their minds before Steve Jobs took one step onto the podium that I would be buying this device no matter what it did. I've never quite understood the mentality of if it has XYZ sticker, I simply must have it, and that extends to the iWhatever-the-Hell-They-Come-Up-with-Next. I was a late adopter to the iPod, simply because I never wanted to spend ...
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  3. After all these years...

    It's been ages since I've actually played a roleplaying game. Oh, I suppose, I have joined in on a session or two in the past ten years, but I haven't been in an ongoing campaign as a player in a very long time, and frankly, I've reached a point of GM burnout.

    I had been thinking for a while that I needed to take a break and play for while, so when the opportunity to join a game with Chris Sims from Wizards of the Coast popped up, I jumped on it. When he told me that his new campaign ...
  4. April 1st Login Event: After Action Report

    Well, I'd like to say that the event was a resounding success and we blew that 430 record right out of the water, but technology stepped in and really gave us a whipping. I do think that we would have made it to 430, honestly. Just one minute before the designated start time at 6pm, we were already at 211 registered members online and somewhere in the neighborhood of 60+ guests. That would put us within about 140 logins from what we needed.

    In a cruel twist of fate, at exactly 6pm, ...
  5. Losing Control

    Here is a short story that has been sitting on my hard drive for a long time collecting "digital dust." I thought I might share it with you all. The story is loosely based on one of my characters from the best campaign I have ever played in. I hope you enjoy it, and feedback is welcome.

    Losing Control
    Robert A. Howard

    Ylin felt himself suddenly falling. Around him, a swirling maelstrom of blackness mixed with deep shades ...
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