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04-15-2009, 09:49 PM
From the start of the first game:
The party got back from our first adventure together, and returned to the news that Mother was missing. I thought she had been taken by the Undead. The thing that got me worried was that she had sent out the house staff during the time she dissapeared.
After talking to the next door neighbor I became very worried, that she left on apparently her own free will in strange clothing. Leaving the house we encountered a zombie wandering the streets. After Wilhelm Turned the creature it sent out a clarion call to the rest of the Undead. We had to pull back into the Manor.
I didn't like not being out dealing with the Unholy Beasts, but that is what Andre, Philip, and the men-at-arms are for. While they were outside defending the Manor the rest of us decided to search the Manor to make sure nothing had infiltrated.
I was searching the upstairs with some others. Blood was found in the washbasin, which disturbed me. I placed myself in the corner behind the washbasin and called out for Heshtail's aid. I could sense something perverse and evil was in the room. After further concentrating I narrowed it down to being in the curtain.
My nerves got the best of me and I struck at the curtain with my mace. After much confusion on my part, my sister ripped open the curtain to reveal a sacraficial dagger.
Around this time Wilhelm and The Monk finished their search of the downstairs. They discovered someone had defiled the holy symbol of Heshtail in our family Altar. Then and there I swore to my god and country that whoever defiled my family's house would die by my hand.
With some help from Andre and Philip we figured out all of this happened during a major holy day for the God of Death. Piecing all the rest of the imformation, I fear my mother is a priestess or at least a follower of this vile being. My sister mentioned something about a illness that almost took my life when I was young that could be the cause, but I was too wrapped up in mentally preparing for the confrontation I know is envitable. This also made me think about how and why my father dissapeared those years ago.
The Monk wisely convinced me not to go charging off in revenge, that we should take the defiled items down to Elder Daven for destruction and further guidance from the Church. Even though by law the I am Lord of the Manor, I will not take the title until my family name is avenged and my oath fulfilled.
After leaving Beckenhausen we travelled for a day until we reached a village with a few hours left of sunlight. Naturally we stopped in for the night. In the tavern we heard rumors about the Sheriff having a problem with undead, more than normal. I am sorry to say, but I was still so shocked about Mother that I did not contribute much to the information gathering and decision making. As a leader this is unacceptable, I know.
A Masoleum next to a Church of Heshtail was having problems with Ghasts. Naturally we took up the job. The leadership of the party was left up to The Monk and Wilhelm. After all was said and done the Sheriff was found responsible to selling villagers to the Undead for food. As a party we defeated him and he is now being held in the town jail.