View Full Version : Kayfabe-era fantasy wrestling league

04-13-2009, 10:41 AM
I'm a fan of wrestling since 1977, but with the different style of writing in the past few years, I've given up on modern wrestling. (This is my opinion only! If you still enjoy modern wrestling, then I'm happy for you. It just doesn't do it for me anymore.)

So having grown up watching & reading all I could during the kayfabe era of wrestling, I have a deep love & appreciation for the good old days when you'd watch a match & think "I dunno...people say its fake, but it looks pretty convincing to me." Yes, I long for the time when wrestling was presented in a more believable manner. But does anyone else?

I'd like to run an e-Fed in a separate timeline from the others. Mine would be based in the kayfabe era, in a regional/territorial promotion. I'll allow genuine wrestlers from back in the day, or you could create your own...but the key is that its all kayfabe-era. Not everyone needs a killer body, not every show involves someone going through a spanish announce table, and not everyone needs to be able to do a kip-up. There would be a weekly TV show based in a TV studio, a supercard (there were no ppv's yet!) every month at a major arena, plus some house shows (mostly for filler, but with an occasional event of importance taking place).

Is this something you would be interested in? Are there any players here who actually lived through the kayfabe era of wrestling? Kayfabe was killed a good 25 years ago, so I really hope there are some older players here like myself (I'm 36, btw) who can appreciate a non-modern, retro e-fed.