View Full Version : OH, Cincinnati - Darkness Rising Campaign 3.5 Edition

04-13-2009, 03:12 AM
“The world turns, the legacy of the ancient world returns to make its mark to the present. Dark forces move in the shadows, preparing for a war the like has not been seen since aeons past. The world of Kor’Onus needs heroes that are willing to step up and help turn back the tide of darkness that is already threatening to engulf the world in an eternal night.”

Looking for Players for a 3.5 Edition Dungeons & Dragons Campaign. This campaign is definitely for mature players, as Hack n’Slash will definitely NOT solve all problems that the adventuring party comes across. Roleplaying and Problem solving will be rewarded on equal billing as Combat experience. This D&D group meets on every Friday, in the West Chester area. Start time: 6pm, running til 11pm.

We currently have 4 players, and have room for 2 more before I close the group to new players.

All those that are interested can email the DM at:



Yahoo IM: masque_du_diable