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04-11-2009, 10:01 PM
Here is the plot background for the campaign. It is important to know.

Post ROTJ-Luke Turns Sith, Kills Palps

So I have been thinking about running a campaign set after Return of the Jedi. I have Luke kill Vader and serve the emperor, then 3 years later he carves the emperor. So Luke becomes Darth Krayt, and gets an apprentice. The Empire doesn't have the second death star as it was blown up. The rebels had to go into hiding. Leia goes off to Dagobah to train with Yoda, who appeares as a force spirit. She also gets visits by Obi-wan. Han and Chewie are Mon Mothma's personal agents, having been promoted to generals. Lando is an admiral in the rebel fleet. He functions as Ackbar's second in command. The droids are owned in the following way: R2 was taken by Leia, and Han got owneship of 3PO. (poor han)

The galaxy is still in conflict. The rebels won at endor, but the imperial fleet left. The executor didn't die either. Jedi who survived order 66 are joining the Rebellion since they have been contacted by Yoda. He told them to help out.

The Empire is run by Luke AKA Darth Krayt from Coruscant. He has Mara Jade as his sith apprentice. Some of the Imperials loyal to Palps are dead, having choosen not to serve Luke. Thrawn is Luke's primary grand admiral and his opinions carry alot of weight. Mara performs Vader's old Job.

The Rebellion has taken control of a third of the galaxy. They have all of the old separatists helping them. The rebellion is strongest in the outer rim. The Rebellion is strong and very active. Its acquired a large number of recruits and a considerable number of Imperial defectors. Several high ranking Admirals joined the Alliance. The Rebellion is also declaring itself into a new Republic.

Soft Serve
04-12-2009, 08:55 PM
Did you write this as a story, or were you just playing around with it in your head and fitting it together like that for the game?

Because if you actually wrote it out somewhere and have it in a kind of timeline fashion can you post it? And if not then can I make one or help you make one?

Not that I have anything against that or think you did bad or anything like that, I like writing is all, and that would be fun to slip more detail into. Like what was said when Luke took his side at Palpatine, or why, or any of that noise. :D

04-13-2009, 04:28 PM
I just thought it up that way. I haven't made a timeline for it yet. I haven't worked that bit out yet.

I will spend some time coming up with one.

04-14-2009, 09:43 PM
Okay here is a timeline. It doesn't have numbers)

Battle of Endor ends-Death Star 2 destroyes the forest moon. The Death Star 2 is destroyed. The Imperial Fleet retreats and the rebels go into hiding.

Leia is visited by Obi-wan Kenobi and told she will be visited by Yoda. Yoda visits Leia and teaches her. He tell her to find a master who survived the purge.

Leia finds Jedi Master Chi Verago, who completes her training. Leia goes to Dantioone and investigates the Jedi enclave there. She talks with Mon Mothma about rebuilding the Jedi Order. Mon Mothma is unsure about restoring the order. Master Verago dies stopping an Imperial weapons project.

Leia meets Kyle Katarn who was taught by Qu Rahn. Kyle defeats Jerec and joins Leia. She finds and redeems Dark Jedi A'sharad Hett. Hett joins Leia. She finds Master K'kruhk who tells her that Yoda told him to expect Anakin's daughter to seek him. K'kruhk joins Leia.

Leia meets jedi who survived the purge. They were instructed by Yoda to seek her and help her. Leia incorporates the survivors into the growing order.

Leia convinces Mon Mothma to let the Jedi help. Many Jedi are sent to assist several important battles and several of them perish. With these victories, Mon Mothma decides to support the rebuilding of the order. Leia uses this support to refound the Jedi Council. She officially declares the Jedi Order to be refounded.

Luke kills the Emperor and takes over. A brief civil war occurs with those still loyal to Palpatine fleeing to establish a foothold away from the main empire. Luke appoints Thrawn to his position and trains dark jedi on korriban at a new academy there. He takes Mara as his apprentice.

The Rebel Alliance takes worlds, recieves Imperial defectors, and manages to gain control of 1/3 of the galaxy upon which they declares themselves the New Republic.

A week or two later, the campaign begins.