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04-08-2009, 01:26 PM
If it hadn't been for that damn visit to the mental hospital, it would have been okay. We would all be back in our lives, happy and free. We wouldn't watch every alleyway we walk into for shifting shapes or crawling insects. We wouldn't have to be careful around every damn hobo, mental hospital, or sewer grate. We wouldn't have to ponder these questions, or those goddamn weird-ass stories we found. But we went there, saw what we saw, and we came out somewhere else and now we're hunted day and night.

Hunted by what? **** if I know, man. You've been in it as long as I have. We've seen things. We've seen behind the scenes and guess the **** what? It saw us, whatever it is. And we're not supposed to have seen what we saw, oh no. And for that hubris, we're no longer part of real life. We're the make-believe, man. We're part of what goes bump in the night. We're not going back until this thing is finished.

But you know, we've got something on our side. We've got the upperhand, because we know they're out there and what they do. We're prepared for this shit. We've got the inside scoop and it turns out that it wants to scoop out our insides and make a gumbo. Know what? I don't want to be a goddamn zombie-****er's gumbo. So **** it, we're gonna fight back. We've got their addresses, man. We know where they sleep. Every goddamn asylum from here to Arkham. We know where they live and we're going to get back at them somehow.

What's that? **** yeah, we've got one last lead. After that Pickman guy, we got that journal. Time to journey into Bum**** Egypt. Ever been to Virginia? 'cause we're about to do to it what Sherman did to Georgia. That coal mine is going to be our Savannah.

Fancy offering it to Lincoln?


Essentially, this is a horror campaign that will put the players into very RP-able situations and hopefully be both thrilling and entertaining. Expect Lovecraftian-style sanity-warping events, mixed in with a good amount of action and historical story telling. Ask if you want more details.

Oh, and if anyone wants to know, the soundtrack for the intro should be "In The Craters On The Moon" by the Mountain Goats, from their album Heretic Pride.

(sorry if cursing offends, but it's horror. Things get grim.)