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Chris House
04-07-2009, 06:42 PM
The adventure so far part 1 Sunday April 5th 2009 2 pm to 8:38 pm
The seven voyages
April the 5th 2009
It was the spring equinox with first day of the full moon of spring in the city of YS.

Ys is a small island kingdom which lies in the Straits of Ys between Alba and the Europan coast. The straits connect the Atlantean Ocean with the Hyperborean
Sea to the east. The island is a fairly large one, but is primarily noted for the magical, white-towered city of Ys, which lies on a rocky offshore spire in the midst
of a great bay.
The city is triangular in shape, with the three walls protecting the city from the tides and gales which lash the straits. The walls actually extend out into the water, with great flood gates which can be closed to shelter the harbors of Ys from storm or corsair attack. The island and the city are home to the High Elves of Ys, an elegant and stately people of great dignity, courage, and wisdom. Non-elves, who are treated with considerable
wariness and caution, refer to the elves of Ys as arrogant and haughty, but in fact they are simply uninterested in events concerning the outside world.
The power, wealth, and prestige of Ys are built on the city’s reputation as a trading emporium and haven, but unlike such famous trading states as Sheba and
Tharshesh, Ys has few trading vessels of its own. The Elves of Ys invest little of their own effort in trade, but draw the merchants of other lands by virtue of their position,
their magnificent harbor, and their willingness to support trade and travel in their part of the world. The shipyards of Ys also draw much outside attention, for though they are not great voyagers themselves, the people of Ys have become a major supplier of first-rate
craft to others
There in the harbor a slaver ship with many new and shange highed merchandise, among them where Talon a high elf sorcerer, Draz ‘ Kathan A Draus from Kithan, Zenith a human Hellenos priest of Escalpenies the god of healing, Lulu starbrigh a highelf sorceress, Borak and Aesir warrior, Pearl snabbanous a priest of Apollo,& Jenx a hellenos Adventurer. A high elf sorcerer Name Solomane and his companion Thorak come aboard and have them all released into their custody, no one know how or why the slavers comply but they do and all the party is escorted to the baths, where they are allowed to get clean and get their equipment.
As they exit the bath house that has been reserved for them all Solomane SAYS ““ MY Patron has gone though a lot of resources to release you from the care of Captian Ab d’El Hakim Awyan and wish to offer you a Great opportunity at dinner tonight at sunset aboard the Blue maid? A ship in the harbor near the grain warehouses, if you the offer is not satisfactory you can disembark and even gain 10 gold coins for your trouble. “

All show if not a bit weary after their last experience with ships, they are introduced to the captain and first mate as well as their cook, a Goblin and his waiters Ratkin.

Captain Borag Curlti <Curtel> Human /Abor
First Mate Dun Arrie Human/ Cybrians
Cook Ne Cee Goblin / unknown
The Blue maid is a sailing ship with narrow hull and from one to three masts, the sailing ships is not very common in the second age since most sailors fear to sail beyond the sight of land, galleys are far more common on the seas . this makes Captain Borag and his crew very skilled to be able to handle the ship properly so that it can achieve its top speed. Sailing ships are often armed with a light ballista.
Size: 120’ in length
Speed : cruise at +10 (15 mph) top speed +14 (24 mph)
As the character arrive they notice that the crew is mixed species there is only one human in five, also they notice that this vessel is a sailing ship not an ore to be seen, the Characters are taken to the ward room (section 4) where they see a small feat awaits them, nothing is left out roasted pig with fresh baked bread fruit and fish of many verities, wine and ales are served by two Ratkin and the Goblin Cook. Ne Cee. This may disturb some players but assure them that here
May types of species can server in an intelligent manner, the Players might notice that the crew observes them in quite manner no mumbling or other over heard whispers.

After every one starts eating in silence the Crew is joined by Thorak who neither eats nor drinks till every one is finished then he takes his plate and ale out side.
Solomane begins
“Through a manner that is not important at the moment We have acquired a parchment that indicates of a lost Atlantis out post in Galecia that is over 700 years old and held a vast amount of treasure and relics of that age, we have not determined why an out post of this type would report such items but we gather it was due to a very important Atlantean Noble who was in residence there as well as a very powerful adept of ancient Atlantean Magic. We would like to invite you to join our company under the white star Banner and try to recover these riches.”

All agree to join and they set out that evening to gain supplies in Tartessos and from their to go to Gelatea , the trip is far and on their 12th day they set into a natural Bay near Gealatea, the party desides to go wild pig hunting for the Crew while water and other supplies are gather!
On a trail they come across a injured Great Dragon who ask the Priest to aid him, for he has a lance feasting in his forward paw. Pearl talks Zenith into aiding the dragon and as a reward is given a horn to call the dragon if they ever need aid. It takes a lot of healing but Zenith cures the infected paw and the dragon goes boor hunting her self.
The party continues wild pig hunting and Borak and Pearl as well as Zenith corner three wild pigs.
Borak and his pet Goerge make quick work of them and The linx cat also kills the sic piglets hiding in the bush. Hmmm bacon says Borak!
They return to the ship and leave for Tartessos and wander right into a storm with 30 mph winds. That where we left off at 8:38 pm Sunday April the 5th