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04-06-2009, 04:05 PM
New to area looking to play board games, miniature and especially role-playing games. Will run or be players. We are a marred couple who would need to play nights but most any night would be ok. We are mature players who enjoy a good story as well as rolling dice, but we like that to…lol. We own many games and have ran most all of them. Interests include Vampire, Werewolf, Hunters Hunted, Ars Magica, D&D, L5R, Rifts, Warhammer, 40k, Mordhiem, Warmaster, Settlers of Catan, and many more. Please email if you have interest in playing. Slann69@gmail.com (Slann69@gmail.com)

04-18-2009, 05:19 PM
Hi there,
I have lived in LEX for less than a year. I have been looking for a good role playing group to join and new friends to play board games and minis also. I am 32 y.o. and work f.t. for the VAMC during the week. I consider myself mature and easy to get along with. Are you still looking for a new group members?