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11-29-2006, 03:59 PM
Greetings everyone, I've been lurking here for awhile getting a hand on the games and gamers on the site before introducing myself.
I'm Charles and I'm looking for a new gaming group. I've been playing for more than 10 years but just coming back from a year long break.

By way of introduction and perhaps to find a few people to play with I have an introductory 1-shot adventure I'm trying to run this weekend.
(Not trying to scavenge gamers from an established group but to show how I play in hopes of joining one)

Hopefully at this saturday's meetup I'll be running a All Flesh Must Be Eaten (afmbe) game there for anyone who might be interested.
You don't need to know the system or generate a character (I'll have pre-mades ready and a cheat sheet for the basics) just bring a fistful of dice and an interest in having fun.

If anyone is interested please drop me a message.