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Shadowrun 4 Anniversary Core Rulebook changes document (http://www.shadowrun4.com/wordpress/2009/04/shadowrun-4-anniversary-core-rulebook-changes-document/)

As we publish the*Shadowrun Changes*PDF*that lists the major changes from*SR4*to our Anniversary Edition (this*PDF*will function as the official errata from this point foward;*SR4A*incorporates all previous errata), we’d like to take time to thank our proofreaders and especially the community for taking the time to read through and highlight a few grammatical, layout, and rules issues that were accidentally overlooked in the*SR4A PDF.*

In our final print proofs, we found these (and a few other) items and we’re able to correct them prior to printing. Those of you who have purchased the*PDF*of*SR4A*will recieve an updated copy with the corrections applied free of cost (as per our standard procedure, you’ll should be receiving an email notification shortly). While the majority of these corrections are grammatical or layout based, they do include updates to karma awards, the optional rule of increasing the drain for Direct Combat Spells, and the hardware upgrades to devices (all of which were items that somehow slipped past us in proofing… unfortunately our staff AIs were all too busy plotting to conquer the world to work on proofing, and us mortal humans sometimes make mistakes). Sometimes when we’ve all stared at 350+ pages for too long (especially as this is the 5th 350+ page rulebook I’ve stared at in 3 years), we don’t see the little errors… luckily, we caught these (thanks to both our diligent proofers and community feedback) during our final print proofing stage.

A few of the changes to*SR4A*sparked a*LOT*of community discussion. The two largest were the increased Drain rules for Direct Combat spells and the increased thresholds/object resistance thresholds. Because our core books – including Street Magic, Unwired, Arsenal, Augmentation, and Runners Companion – present additional rules, gear, toys, and qualities that improve runners (mechanically speaking, increased dice pools), we felt it was time for Shadowrun to address the increased challenges. Our intent was two fold. First, to increase the challenge of tasks at the higher end: tasks labeled “extreme” should not be easily accomplished by the average professional, but should be challenging even for masters in their fields. Our other intent is to emphasise that Magic, while powerful, is not completely effective against Technology. Magic is a natural force in the Sixth World. Technology is its fundamental opposite. Hence, Magic – be it spells or spirits – has an increasingly difficult time affecting technological devices. The highly technical items, like Drones, are immune to all but the most powerful magical effects. Trees and rocks, being of the natural world, are inherently easier to affect with mana.

However, that being said, we do listen to our communities. After such feedback we’ve taken another very hard look at some of the changes made. For example we have decided to reduce the thresholds from 1,2,4,6+ to 1,2,3,5+. Extreme tasks- the most difficult and challenging of tasks, achievable only by those who are masters in their fields – are set at 5+ (gamemasters always have the option of setting thresholds beyond 5 to account for even more difficult, or nigh-impossible, tasks).

Overall, feedback for our Twentieth Anniversary Edition has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re glad so many of you are enjoying it! Shadowrun wouldn’t exist without our amazing community (hey, we’re fans too!) and we’re looking forward to another 20 years together.

Randall N. Bills
Managing Developer
Catalyst Game Labs

Shadowrun 4 Anniversary Core Rulebook*Errata (http://shadowrun4.com/resources/sr4a/sr4a_changes.pdf)*- 957Kb