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03-28-2009, 02:16 AM
Hey there! One of our players has decided to move on from the weekly Saturday game, and we're in the market for one more.

Some information first. It would be weekly (preferably) on Saturdays, usually from about 1-8 PM. I run two campaigns, one Friday and one Saturday, each with 4 players. Now 3 on Saturdays, hence this post.

Just to make things clear right off the bat, I'm not very interested in running anything other than the Paizo APs right now, everyone seems to enjoy playing in them and I love to run them. We just got done with CotCT on Saturdays, and started up RotRL with my Friday guys and now SD with the Sat group. Legacy of Fire is likely after RotRL, and that Thief one (the first PRPG one) after SD on Saturdays.

We use the PRPG Beta right now, and plan to keep using it until the actual game is out. Being a Paizo Adventure Path, experienced players are recommended. Though newer players are welcome, be prepared for a trial by fire. :) The other guys have all been playing for a while, so at the very least they know what's going on.

I'm happy to provide more info if needed. If interested, shoot me a mail at karuikage@karuikage.net . :) Let me know your playing style, what kind of characters you enjoy playing, any other issues, or any other questions.


EDIT: Almost forgot the most important part. Due to the nature of Second Darkness's campaign path, I decided to allow evil PCs for this one, since the guys have been craving to play one. I allowed it under the condition that they be mature about it, can work together (act non-evil towards each other, they went with the idea that they were friends growing up) and not try to derail the campaign too much. It shouldn't be *hard* since they're smart guys and the world is in trouble, and they're ON the world, so yeah. Anyhow, if you want to apply, make sure you are mature and can handle this kind of deal.

Also, we're all in our early-late 20s. I'm 25, the others are 22-24. Just fyi. We don't mind older players, but would prefer players did not go much younger than 21. Despite the required maturity, the joking around on can be of a vastly opposite level when it happens. So come prepared to hear it all ;)

06-26-2010, 11:03 AM
I'm wondering if you are still running the Pathfinder campaign you mention here or another one that does not have evil pcs? My experiences with evil pcs has been very negative over the years and I don't get into playing evil anyway. Let me know if you are still running or interested in playing as I'm considering starting a Pathfinder campaign.