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03-18-2009, 11:51 AM
I was thinking about the PH2, and getting a better understanding of the universal mechanics of 4e D&D, and reading over the final fantasy RPG, and thinking "With a bit of tweaking, flavor messing, and such, you could adapt current material to make some unique classes of your own."

At first, I thought it would be crazy difficult to make new classes for 4e (compared to the many classes I made in 3.5e). After a little thought though, the classes are very similar in terms of dam, what they do, etc..., but they are very different in terms of flavor and intricate mechanics.

You could really take advantage of this to have your own classes. Use powers that are already thoroughly playtested, maybe change the damage type or the attribute associated with the atk, and change the flavor to reflect your concept of the power, and BOOM: new class.

I started doing this with the final fantasy classes (in my blog), but those are just initial thoughts. Would take more effort to REALLY match up. However, thought I would offer my input on how to bring a character concept into reality with what is already there for 4e, with possible additions or modifications if there isn't a good analogy.

Not sure how many people would want this, but I like doing it and it challenges me.

I know a lot of setting hardliners (those who think warforged in forgotten realms is true blasphemy) wouldn't like it, but maybe you have an original setting and are trying to figure out "I want to offer a melee-oriented class who draws on dark forces to kill his foes, but there really isn't anything like that in 4e right now." Well I think I could help in those cases.

Example: psionics. I know there is no psionics in 4e right now, but you could treat arcane classes as psionics, mix and match some powers here and there, and maybe come up with something that sets psionics apart from arcane with PP, power boosts, and such. To help avoid power creep or general unbalanceness, take away some things like ritual casting and spellbooks. Who knows.

Actually, what I was thinking was you get pp=to your HS value. You can spend a HS to replenish your pp (maybe not to full, but some replenishment). You can use pp to either boost a power (duration, area affected, dam, atk bonus, etc...), or to replenish said power if expended. Dailies would cost a LOT more than encounters. Crystals/staves would be implements (use orbs for crystals).

Sorry, off topic. Point is, trying to demonstrate with a little thought, a class or race or power source idea can come into fruition.