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03-10-2009, 01:11 AM
Check out this new article from the Daily Illuminator that Steve Jackson Games posted:

March 4, 2009: Happy GM's Day! (http://www.sjgames.com/ill/archives.html?m=March&y=2009&d=4)

Today is GM's Day, honoring all the gamemasters out there, running one-shots, multi-year campaigns, and everything in between. In celebration, e23 (http://e23.sjgames.com) has uploaded a huge block of new classics later today.</p>

GURPS Classic: Horror (http://e23.sjgames.com/item.html?id=SJG30-6004) (for Third Edition). Ken Hite's genrebook of fear, with advice on building terror into your campaign.
GURPS Classic: Magic (http://e23.sjgames.com/item.html?id=SJG30-6023)(for Third Edition). The classic "big book of spells."
GURPS Classic: Greece (http://e23.sjgames.com/item.html?id=SJG30-6075). Epic heroes in chitons (they're like togas, really)!
GURPS Classic: Egypt (http://e23.sjgames.com/item.html?id=SJG30-6083). Pyramids, mummies, and more gods than you can shake a stick at.
GURPS Classic: Who's Who 2 (http://e23.sjgames.com/item.html?id=SJG30-6528). Over four dozen people who changed history.
GURPS Classic: Traveller - Alien Races 1 (http://e23.sjgames.com/item.html?id=SJG30-6603). Zhodani and Vargr, in all the details you need as a player or a GM.
GURPS Classic: Traveller: Planetary Survey 1 - Kamsii (http://e23.sjgames.com/item.html?id=SJG30-6801). A planet-wide theme park, built for Traveller (http://www.sjgames.com/traveller/) but perfect for any space opera game!
GURPS Classic: Traveller: Planetary Survey 2 - Denuli (http://e23.sjgames.com/item.html?id=SJG30-6802). A new world with a new species -- and their extremely valuable eggs.
GURPS Classic: Traveller: Planetary Survey 4 - Glisten (http://e23.sjgames.com/item.html?id=SJG30-6804). No planets in this survey, but a plethora of planetoids . . . each with their own culture.
GURPS Classic: WWII: Iron Cross (http://e23.sjgames.com/item.html?id=SJG30-8003). Explore the inner workings of the Third Reich!
GURPS Classic WWII: Dogfaces (http://e23.sjgames.com/item.html?id=SJG30-8005). All about the American ground pounders during the Second World War.
GURPS Classic: WWII: All the King's Men (http://e23.sjgames.com/item.html?id=SJG30-8009). His Majesty's own military.

-- Paul Chapman (paul@sjgames.com)</p>

03-10-2009, 01:47 PM
March 4th was GM's day? I had no idea. And here I didn't get a card or anything from my group... :(