View Full Version : Game Notification Idea

03-03-2009, 04:04 PM
So my site does play by post campaigns. Everytime I post a campaign starter, I see a HUGE list of people who would be potentially interested in the campaign. However, other than clicking on them one at a time and sending them individual PM's or emails, I have no way to notify them of something they may be interested in.

Perhaps a PHP script could be written to make player notification easier on the perspective DM? Maybe something that would work off logic like :

if (Player has logged in within last 30 days and player has logged in more than 10 times)

I have no idea what variables would be involved and I have never coded using vBulletin. However, it seems like a relatively solid idea and it would insure that the one login wonders wouldnt eat up your DB space.

Just an suggestion.