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03-02-2009, 01:20 PM
The campaign will resume with the party scrambling to evade the many searches for them by the giants and their various allies, including a mysterious and powerful elf-like race.

03-16-2009, 12:10 AM
Right now the party is waiting in a rope trick. They recently encountered a pair of the mysterious dark elves, who appear to have very similar appearance and abilities to Tala, save for skin color. They managed to charm one of them, and are speaking to him with Comprehend Languages, but another jumped down a hole (levitating) and escaped; current whereabouts unknown. The one to whom the party is talking has briefly said that his name is Golar, and that he and his partner were pairing up to find the party who had been raiding into the fire giant fortress and slaying giants. Sabriel, the party's cleric, has been out obtaining equipment for the characters: specifically, a treatment designed to render them scentless.

03-19-2009, 05:28 PM
As noted in the campaign log, posted in the history section, unless something untoward happens, we have prepared our best against discovery and are now planning on resting, regaining abilities, and waiting it out for Sabriel, who was hopefully able to find the one of the various types of scentbreaker.

03-25-2009, 02:25 PM
I'm rolling a Will save to see how well your Hallucinatory Terrain holds up. If this roll is high, you might be found. No comment as to the bonus of the viewer; this is just the raw roll.

Raw Will save
--- Merged from Double Post ---
Someone in the party has a chance to spot something. Sabriel is not present, and after the smoke-out debacle, Tala is not allowed on watch alone. Random roll: 1=Nadem, 2=Pik, 3=Ahanna, 4=Arielle, 5=Gramblin
--- Merged from Double Post ---
I had not meant for the previous posts to be automerged; the Will save was thus rerolled (although 18 and 20 are both bad for the party!). Random roll selects Pik. Pik, please make a spot check!

03-25-2009, 04:48 PM
{{{automerge is a recent feature addition to the boards. sigh, i'm tired of getting spotted... and not spotting them. now i'm worried.}}}

pik's spot check

03-26-2009, 12:09 AM
After about 6 hours in the rope trick (casters have NOT recovered their spells), you realize that there is trouble. 4 burly fire giants pass within your field of vision; they are armed and look ready for a fight. Bear in mind that you are in a smallish chamber, about 20'x30', with 3 passageways to the north (map to come). They look around, then seem to react to something out of your field of vision; their attention focusses somewhere to the north. They then yell something in response and ready their weapons, looking up. They don't seem to see your rope trick, but they are looking in the general area.

Awake are Pik, Tala (although he has not recovered his spells) and Arielle, who has just woken. Ahanna and Gramblin are asleep, although they could be wakened quickly. Arielle says, "This is not good!"

What do you do?

03-26-2009, 02:26 AM
{{{did not realize that initiative needed to be rolled yet. *^^*}}}

Tala mutters out loud, but speaking mostly to himself, "This is enough! Something is not right, they keep finding us no matter where we go... Time to end this, I'll drop the ceiling on them!"

03-26-2009, 09:05 AM
Unfortunately, I realized that my asking of your actions was premature. You'll have to roll initiative, because things are happening fast! If you can beat certain bad guys' (and girls') initiative rolls, then things will go as planned; if not, things will change.

I'm rolling some initiatives for certain sets of bad guys without telling you what they are.

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
Group 5

03-26-2009, 12:42 PM
{sigh. ^^ i kinda assumed that since they were noticed, we were acting upon that right away. but if it has reached the point of initiative, well then, i suspect that things will not go so well for me.... it was a lovely last-resort plan! ^^}

Tala's initiative roll
Pik's initiative roll
Nadem's initiative roll

03-26-2009, 12:54 PM
Certain bad guys were reacting at the same time as you did. The initiative is to see which of you reacted first. :(

Note: Because of merging posts, the numbers I'm about to roll will probably be rerolled; please ignore any results after the first.

--- Merged from Double Post ---
The initiative order:
Bad guys, group 1 (BG1) at 29
BG3 at 21
Ahanna at 20
BG4 at 19
Nadem at 18
BG2 at 17
Arielle at 15
Gramblin at 10
Tala at 9
Pik at 6
BG5 at 1

At 29, 3 Dispel Magics hit the area. I am rolling them all for convenience; however, depending on the results of earlier rolls, the later casters may change their actions. 13 or better to dispel each spell: Hal. Terrain and Rope Trick
1st check vs. RT
1st check vs. HT
2nd check vs. RT
2nd check vs. HT
3rd check vs. RT
3rd check vs. HT
--- Merged from Double Post ---
I didn't mean 13 or better; I meant 22 or better (Tala's CL of 11 plus 11 base). Don't know where the 13 came from. In any case: The first 3 DM's go off and dispel your Hallucinatory Terrain but fail to dispel Rope Trick. Group 1 then holds. At 21, Group 3 goes with a Greater Dispel Magic: still needs a 22 or better with a +11.
Greater DM
--- Merged from Double Post ---
At 21, a Greater Dispel Magic ruins your Rope Trick! The party tumbles down onto a ledge, 11' above the ground. The ledge is only about 3' wide. Everyone except Ahanna may make a DC 14 Reflex save to stay on the ledge instead of tumbling to the ground; on failure, you fall off the ledge and must make a DC 15 Tumble check or take 1d6 damage and be knocked prone. Ahanna gets no save against the damage but can still make the Tumble check.

Ahanna: Tumble
Arielle: Reflex
Gramblin: Reflex
Arielle and Gramblin both automatically succeed on their Tumble checks; the only question is if they stay on the ledge.

Finally, Ahanna falls on 2 very surprised fire giants whether she succeeds or not (2 of them are out of range); each of them must make an opposed Str check against Ahanna or take 1d6 damage and be knocked prone.
Ahanna's check
Giant 1's check
Giant 1's damage if applicable
Giant 2's check
Giant 2's damage if applicable
--- Merged from Double Post ---
Again, please ignore rerolls due to double-posting:
Ahanna lands on her feet, taking no damage and rolling natural 20s on both her Dex check (NOTE: You may make a Dex check instead of a Tumble check) and her Strength check! Two fire giants are knocked over like ninepins, taking 4 and 1 points of damage. Nadem, Pik and Tala are in danger of taking 1 point of damage and being prone.

One more note: You are correct, there are only 2 passages out of here. The original map had 3, but I modified it. Map coming soon.

03-26-2009, 04:04 PM
{reminder: caster level is 12. minor point of confusion: if a 22 or better is needed, isn't a 21 a fail on that greater dispell? i note that versus the rope trick, the first rolls (ignoring the rerolls as instructed) are 12, 21, and 14}

03-26-2009, 04:07 PM
You're right, my mistake; it didn't make a difference this time, though.

Please roll your Reflex saves/Tumble checks.

03-26-2009, 04:09 PM
{minor point of confusion: if a 22 or better is needed, isn't a 21 a fail on that greater dispell? i note that versus the rope trick, the first rolls (ignoring the rerolls as instructed) are 12, 21, and 14... all of which are lower than the 12+11, or 23 needed to succeed. also, instead of posting again, you can edit your post which will prevent the reroll and the automerge things.

so... wouldn't the rope trick still be intact?}

03-26-2009, 05:04 PM
The 21 did fail (I incorrectly had the DC as 22 instead of 23, but that's a failure in any case). That Dispel Magic didn't dispel the rope trick. If you look at the first Greater Dispel Magic, however, THAT one dispelled the Rope Trick. I didn't explicitly mention that it was directed at the RT, because at that point Hall. Terrain had already been dispelled and the RT was the only spell it could have been aimed at:
Greater DM: 1d20 (18) + 11 (11) = 29

03-26-2009, 07:04 PM
{ahah! i did not look down far enough, thus did not see the greater result. *^^* thank you for the clarification. oh, and sent the stats your way.}

Tala's reflex check
Pik's reflex check
Nadem's reflex check

03-26-2009, 10:29 PM
and falls off the ledge, taking 1 point of damage and falling prone at Ahanna's feet. More details later.

04-02-2009, 11:47 PM
{awaiting details. }

04-07-2009, 01:26 AM
I should be posting on a more regular basis. Anyway: People fall out of the rope trick. 213 Their positions are as you see.

At 19, Bad Guy(s) #4 act. From somewhere to the northeast, you hear sounds of chanting, and a confusion spell strikes the party! Those who make their saves and who have low-light/darkvision may make Spot and Listen checks to pinpoint the caster.

The spell requires a DC 19 Will save. To make matters simpler: If a PC fails his save, please be kind enough to roll 1d100, look up the Confusion spell, and have your character act appropriately on his/her turn.

A bunch of rolls:
Overcome Tala's SR, needs 22
Arielle's Will save
Ahanna's Will save
Gramblin's Will save

Unfortunately, Gramblin fails his save. Please roll other saves; note that Tala does not need to save (stupid SR :mad:) It is Nadem's turn.

04-10-2009, 03:48 AM
The initiative order:
Bad guys, group 1 (BG1) at 29
BG3 at 21
Ahanna at 20
BG4 at 19
Nadem at 18
BG2 at 17
Arielle at 15
Gramblin at 10
Tala at 9
Pik at 6
BG5 at 1

I should be posting on a more regular basis. Anyway: People fall out of the rope trick. Their positions are as you see.

At 19, Bad Guy(s) #4 act. From somewhere to the northeast, you hear sounds of chanting, and a confusion spell strikes the party! Those who make their saves and who have low-light/darkvision may make Spot and Listen checks to pinpoint the caster.

The spell requires a DC 19 Will save. To make matters simpler: If a PC fails his save, please be kind enough to roll 1d100, look up the Confusion spell, and have your character act appropriately on his/her turn.

Unfortunately, Gramblin fails his save. Please roll other saves; note that Tala does not need to save (stupid SR :mad:) It is Nadem's turn.

Nadem's will save
Pik's will save

{{{will edit post with details of Nadem's action later.}}}

04-14-2009, 12:25 AM
{{{can Nadem drop down to stand over Tala protectively and still attack the giant over that'a'way? if so that is what he will do; unleashing his sunday punch special on the giant... minus the fire damage, being that these are fire giants, he doesn't know enough about them to know if they will heal from it or not. }}}

{{{come to think of it, i'm not sure if he was one of the ones who lost his giant-bane sword or not, i don't have time to check the log right now.... so i'll give rolls with and without.}}}

{{{if he cannot move to protect tala, then he will hold until he can get a clear shot at an enemy.}}}

attack roll w/o bane
attack roll w/bane
sunday punch damage: base + str
sunday punch damage: greater psionic weapon
sunday punch damage: psychic strike
sunday punch damage: bane

04-14-2009, 12:55 PM
Nadem is easily able to jump down and clobber the giant by Tala; the fire damage does not apply, unfortunately, but the giant still staggers from the enormous blow.

53 hp causes a save for massive damage, failed only on a natural 1:
Massive damage save

With a natural 20 the giant does not die, but he is still staggered by the massive strike.

{I will post more bad guys' actions (BG2), plus Arielle's and Gramblin's soon. In the meantime, please think about Pik/Tala.}

Continued actions: Arielle begins to cast haste. As she does so, 2 things happen: First, 3 faerie fire spells target the party. Everyone in the party with the possible exception of Tala is lined in flame. To overcome Tala's SR of 22:
Overcome SR, needs a 23

Second, 2 crossbow bolts fly out of the darkness to strike at Arielle. These are at a -4 penalty because they're firing between Ahanna's legs, and -2 due to range, but her AC is at -5 because she is flat-footed:
Needs to roll 21
Needs to roll 21
Everyone may make Spot checks to see the (concealed) Drow who fired. Those who do not have darkvision (i.e. everyone except Tala) takes a -4 penalty because the Drow are in an unlit area firing into a lit area:
Arielle's spot check
Gramblin's spot check, maybe irrelevant due to confusionMidnight rolls some dice
Ahanna's spot check
More to come after results of these rolls...

Please ignore rerolled dice; pay attention only to rolls below this line.
Tala's SR is overcome, and he is lit. Arielle is hit by one expertly-aimed shot and must roll 2 checks: Concentration against the damage, and Fort to overcome the poison on the bolt. If she succeeds, the party is hasted.

Finally, the confused Gramblin acts; his roll is determined by a 1d100 roll.
Crossbow damage
Arielle's Concentration check, must roll 10+3+damage from bolt
Arielle's Fort save, needs a 17
Gramblin's confusion roll

Continuing...I was wrong about the Fort save (I house-ruled it at 17 but adjusted it to 16), but Arielle failed in any case with a 1, and falls unconscious. Her spell is spoiled.

Ahanna easily spots the caster, the 2 archers, and the other Drow; she shouts "Drow in the northeast corridor!"

Gramblin's result is "attack caster"; he does not know who attacked him, but the bolts clearly came from the northeast passage (everyone else sees this too), so he runs at a 30' rate up the northern passage. There he gets another Spot check (+2 bonus because of Ahanna's warning) to see a Drow (either the hiding wizard or another); if he sees one, he attacks.
Gramblin's Spot check
Gramblin's target, 3=caster, 1 or 2=another Drow
Gramblin's attack roll if he sees a Drow
Gramblin's damage if he hits

Finally, 2 more bolts shoot at the downed Tala; they are at -6 to hit, but he is prone and flat-footed, reducing his AC to 22:
1st attack on Tala, needs a 22
2nd attack on Tala, needs a 22

Final results:
Gramblin strikes a Drow crossbowman for 18 points of damage, thinking in his confused state that the crossbowman is a caster. Both bolts miss Tala. Arielle falls asleep. Ahanna with her +25 Spot bonus (!) easily saw the hiding Drow. It is Tala and Pik's turn. Here's the latest map; Tala is underneath Nadem because Nadem is standing over him--his pog is hidden, but he's there.

04-19-2009, 02:25 AM
Pik steps off the ledge and drops down beside Nadem, turning in mid drop to face the ledge, landing lightly in a deep crouch. He snags Tala and easily pulls him out from under Nadem and up into a firm grip. Pik leaps into the air, literally running up the sheer wall of the ledge and catapults them both upwards off the lip of the ledge, rolling back in midair. giving Tala easy access to the surface of the ceiling.

Tala is startled for a split second when Pik grabs him, but then realizes that Pik overheard him earlier and focuses his mind, fusing his powers together in preparation for what he intends to do. He looks up, seeing the where the giants stand and Gramblin fighting something or someone, and compensates for being up-side down, he only gets one shot at this....


{{{Tala fuses his two remaining 4th level spell slots into a 5th level slot and fires off one last stone to sand into the ceiling. The (hopefully) attached map shows where the 24 x 10' cubes are going. Note that there are two partial cubes to the top right corner. Those are the first two of six cubes continuing up that corridor. I was also careful to maintain continuity in the area of affect, and I think I successfully missed all of our party. Here is some info about the effects:

If transmute stone to sand is cast upon the ceiling of a cavern or tunnel, the sand falls to the floor and scatters in a pile 5 feet deep. For example, a 10th-level caster could convert twenty 10-foot cubes into sand. Piling on the floor, this sand would cover an area of forty 10-foot squares to a depth of 5 feet. The falling sand and the ensuing cave-in deal 8d6 points of bludgeoning damage to anyone caught directly beneath the area, or half damage to those who succeed on Reflex saves.
I fear that those reflex saves are going to hurt me. }}}

04-19-2009, 11:54 PM
Tala's avalanche of sand falls on the giants and Drow. Given the weight of sand, I'm going to add another house rule: If a target fails by more than 4, he is also knocked prone.

You did not roll the 8d6 damage; please do so! I will indicate what is *likely* to happen assuming average damage and change it when/if your damage is rolled.

Results: Drow 2, 3, 4 and 5 are likely down; they are certainly prone, as are giants 1 and 4. You also caught 4 Drow you didn't even know about; their saves:
Drow #7
Drow #8
Drow #9
Drow #10

Even if you roll maximum damage, it won't be enough to kill giant #4 (quite), even though Nadem already hit him.

04-20-2009, 12:03 PM
here is the damage roll. save dc should be 20. no spell resistance allowed. it occurs to me that prone medium sized individual in 5' deep sand are in pretty imminent trouble....

04-20-2009, 11:01 PM
Given that the "knocked prone" effect is a freebie and not even part of the spell, I'm going to assume that only a moderate amount of sand actually covers the targets--they're knocked prone but only lightly buried. Otherwise it's too unbalancing. It will still slow them down, though.

End results: Drow 1,2,3,4,9 and 10 are down and negative or dead; whether they're knocked down is actually irrelevant. 7 fails her save but is not knocked down. Giants 1 (square C3) and 4 (H5) are knocked down. 4 is also the one that Nadem clobbered, so he is not doing well: prone and down 89 HP. The others made their save but are still hurt to varying degrees.

Next up: The giants' and Drow's next action.

04-21-2009, 01:45 AM
they are cordially invited to surrender, or die. Tala or Pik or Nadem, whomever's voice is the loudest, (probably Nadem at this point, the other two are kinda using their air... unless you rule it otherwise) will make said invitation.

{{{heh. Nadem is definitely not bluffing, oh no. ^^}}}

Tala bluff
Tala intimidate
Pik bluff
Pik intimidate
Nadem bluff
Nadem intimidate

04-23-2009, 12:06 AM
I'm sorry, but the DM is putting on his rules lawyer hat now. It's not your turn, so you can't use bluff or intimidate as actual actions. I'll take your impressive rolls and the fact that you just did significant damage to their side into consideration, but it's not going to result in actual intimidation or change actions in a major way unless you actually do it as your action for the turn.

In any case: Your speech seems to take the forces aback, but you hear a hissed command in Giantish. The speaker is certainly not a giant, but a female voice speaks with a cold elegance (from the right corridor). "Out of our way! And kill that monstrous female!" Then there's more, in a language vaguely like elvish, but hard to comprehend; you think you hear something like "darkness" and "I'll take them". The giants wait for a moment. Darkness engulfs the ceiling, blinding Ahanna but not the rest of the party. Then the giants attack. Those who were knocked over stand up, with the exception of the injured #4 who just crawls away 20 feet, towards Gramblin and the Drow in the right-hand corridor. Giants attack Ahanna (who gets no AOOs because she's blinded).

{DM's note: What they should do is have giant #2 deliver the coup de grace to Arielle. She'd have to make a DC 60 Fort save--not good. However, you've startled them, and the sand is making it hard to maneuver, and Ahanna's in the way, so they attack the obvious targets first. This is also to give you some effect from your speech.}

A 23 hits because Ahanna is blinded.
Giant #1 stands up and attacks Ahanna once (power attack for 2):
Giant #2 attacks Ahanna 3 times
Giant #3 attacks Ahanna 3 times

Next, a barrage of crossbow bolts flies from the left-hand corridor to strike Ahanna. They're at a -2 penalty to hit due to fire giants being in the way.

I will roll 5 Fort saves for Ahanna; she fails on a 1. To make natural 1s clearer, I am not adding her bonus; only a natural 1 fails. These rolls are made assuming the bolts are all hits (very unlikely); she applies the rolls in order. (So if 2 bolts hit, her 1st 2 rolls are the ones that count.)

A nimble figure, a female elf in a dark cloak, appears in the right-hand corridor and uses an atlatl (a javelin-thrower) to throw a dark-colored javelin at Pik. {DM's note: I am assuming that wherever they landed was not far from where they started.}
Whether or not she hits (it's a combination melee attack and area effect weapon), it explodes in a burst of shadowy radiance, tentacles reaching out to strike those within 10' of Pik: Pik, Tala, Ahanna and Nadem. All targets must make a DC 17 Will save or be stunned. Spell resistance does apply; the rolls to overcome SR:

Wow, an enormous set of bad rolls, on both sides. The giants flail away at Ahanna, mostly missing but inflicting 46 points of damage. However, 3 crossbow bolts strike her for 30 points of damage. Two of them are possible criticals:

In addition, Ahanna rolls a natural 1 against the sleep poison! Due to her enormous size and the small size of the dart, I'm going to rule that she does not immediately fall asleep, but she is clumsy, her movements slowed and tired. (Game effect: She's slowed, possibly falling asleep later.)

The female elf's javelin strikes Pik for 13 points of damage. It fails, however, to overcome Tala's SR, and that of Drow #6. Saving throws please.

Finally, Ahanna goes. (Both bolts are confirmed criticals, for an extra 17 damage. Ahanna has now taken 93 damage.) She makes an Int check to see if she can figure out that the darkness only engulfs her head and shoulders. Unfortunately, she fails to do so. She nonetheless takes a mighty swing at Giant #3, who hit her.

Despite her blindness, she lashes out, and her sword smashes into Giant #3, who is powerfully hit for 41 points of damage in addition to the sand damage and flies back 10' (with another 1d6 damage) unless he makes a DC 51 Reflex save:
extra damage
Giant's save, needs a 20

The giant is knocked flying and prone by her sword blow.

I will post a new map shortly. One more Drow still needs to act, but he won't go until players have rolled their saves vs. the stun.

04-23-2009, 01:15 AM
{{{soliloquy rules don't allow skill checks, i know. but thank you for the mild effect. =D we might just have to see if Nadem can nail a sufficient number of them with his group intimidate ability his next turn.

technically speaking, Pik and Tala are still in mid-air until their next turn. unless Pik has enough movement rate to drop down, go all the way to the ceiling and all the way back down again. i don't recall the exact distance, so i can't be sure, but i do recall wotc rulings that when a character's movement is under their own power, for example-jumping, but not in the case of falling uncontrollably... that the movement rate applies.

come to think of it, this may mean he is in mid-air and hasn't touched the ceiling yet... *^^* sorry about that, i should have recalled and asked about it before i posted the action, just to be sure.... especially since Pik can easily score jump distance checks in excess of even his increased movement rate. }}}

04-29-2009, 02:24 PM
OK, here's the new map. Since many Drow are down/dead, I am renumbering the Drow as you see on the map: Drow 1,2,3 and 4 are injured from the sandfall. Drow 5 (the brown-haired lady) is marked separately from the rest because she is obviously a leader of some kind; she's wounded. Giants 1,3 and 4 are all prone. 4 has crawled away from Ahanna and towards Gramblin but not attacked him. The darkness is represented by the gray circle; remember that it's near the ceiling and affects only Ahanna. She doesn't seem to realize that it's only hitting her from the chest up.

Pik was struck by a javelin; everyone within 10' of him (Ahanna, Pik, Nadem, Tala) is struck by the stunning effect. Tala need not save as it failed to overcome his SR. NOTE: I've edited my earlier post to correctly reflect this. Also, regarding the midair issue: Pik and Tala both fell 10' and landed where they are on the map. Pik must make a DC 27 Tumble check (penalized due to carrying Tala); if he succeeds, no damage; otherwise both of them take a d6 (rolled below) and are prone. In addition, please roll Will saves as specified (DC 17).

Possible falling damage
Ahanna's Will save:

One more Drow waits to act as soon as saves are rolled, so please roll promptly. After that it's Nadem's turn. NOTE: Ahanna made her Will save.

04-30-2009, 09:54 AM
saves and tumble check...

pik's will save.
nadem's will save.
pik's tumble check

04-30-2009, 11:37 PM
Somewhat unexpectedly, the continual flame stone around Arielle's neck goes out. However, the area is still reasonably lit by torches.

Also, another Drow appears. Unexpectedly, he is floating near the ceiling, pushing himself along; he is also quite small, only about 3' tall, and is surrounded by shifting, identical images of himself. He stops directly above the female elf who just threw the javelin. (The red arrow represents him; remember that there's another elf below him.) He disappears briefly, then reappears in a different position; he chants briefly and points his finger at Pik, who did not expect him to be shooting from that position. (Translation: Pik is flat-footed.) A ray of black energy shoots out at Pik.

#images, NOT including the real one
His touch attack on Pik
If it hits, it drains 1d4 levels:
Levels drained

If I read Pik's stat block correctly, he is (barely) hit; his flat-footed touch AC is only 13. (NOTE: You missed a +1 to his AC due to being a 4th-level dervish, but it's still not enough.)

Despite poor aim by the floating dark elf, his position and sudden reappearance startle Pik--he was dodging based on the elf's original position, not the different position where he appeared, and the ray strikes him squarely. He feels the chill of death and gains 4(!) negative levels.

It is Nadem's turn. DM'S NOTE: Ahanna still does not realize that kneeling/lowering herself will get her out of the darkness.

05-12-2009, 11:27 PM
can nadem manage to get a clear shot at the little dark elf? I'm thinking that he'll also shout to ahanna to, "duck out of the darkness, it's just around your head!"

05-13-2009, 09:40 AM
He's floating near the ceiling, so he can't get a melee attack unless he gets up there somehow. If you mean a ranged attack, then yes, he can--the fire giant is prone, remember. But the little elf has mirror images.

05-14-2009, 04:49 AM
free action - release one hand from his normal bastard sword to free draw his mind blade.
move action - attempting to gain psionic focus.
standard action - throw mind blade. which should be impressive looking, as he currently has it sized as a bastard sword. if he is successful in regaining focus, he will expend it to imbue a greater psionic weapon.

sigh. ^^

concentration check to gain focus vs dc20.
attack roll with mind blade.
damage on successful strike.
bonus greater psionic weapon damage if focus was regained.

05-14-2009, 10:27 AM
Since the elf is mirror imaged, he has 1 chance in 6 to hit the real one.

Ironically, you want to hit an image--18 will hit an image but not the real enemy.

BTW, isn't Nadem's Concentration check better than 16? I would have sworn he had Concentration bonuses coming out his ears.

Anyway: Nadem's impressive bolt of energy hits a mirror image, which winks out of existence. There are now a total of 5 images.

Now that this is done:
The dark elves in the northeast corridor move their hands in an odd fashion--possibly casting a spell, but no effect seems to occur. Group BG2 holds, except that the Drow nearest Gramblin retreats.

Arielle is unconscious and does not act.

Gramblin is still confused:
Random roll indicates he attacks the nearest target, which is the poor prone giant. He unleashes a vicious full attack on the giant:
First attack with hammer
Hammer damage
Second attack with hammer
Hammer damage
Third attack with hammer
Hammer damage
First attack with pick
Pick damage
Second attack with pick
Pick damage
Third attack with pick
Pick damage

With two powerful blows, Gramblin finishes the prone giant #4, then takes a 5' step to the north and proceeds to unleash the rest of his attacks on the dark elf who just moved. The remainder of his attacks finish the dark elf.

Map to come; briefly, Giant #4, in the northeast of the room, is down, as is the dark elf nearest Gramblin.

You hear loud noises from the northwest--it sounds like giants in armor. There is also a rustle of tension among the dark elves, speaking in their own language, oddly like yet unlike Elven. The words are unclear; you make out something like "...arriving...".

It is Pik and Tala's action.

05-14-2009, 11:51 AM
huh, you're right. he does have an 18 bonus for the concentration check. my bad. so he would have just gotten off the greater psionic weapon. sadly, he hit an image, so i imagine that it does not have much effect other than visual.

05-14-2009, 12:43 PM
Here's the latest map.

06-09-2009, 11:53 AM
from a brief review of the thread, it doesn't seem that pik dropped or set down tala at any point. and i imagine that if it was not otherwise stated, that pik would have kept ahold of tala to prevent any falling damage or winding up prone.

tala is out of fifth and fourth level spells... so i'll just have to cast haste on everyone. unfortunately, (or not, as the case may be), that excludes gramblin, as he is too far. that tala can do even in his current position. then pik will just have to take tala along for the ride, at least part way... good thing we've practiced together so much.

however, that practice has been mostly pik dancing around tala during his meditations, with tala's movements being fairly simple and stately. so that will take a bit of doing on pik's part. pik will first reiterate nadem's warning for ahanna to duck down out of the darkness as he starts moving. he will take a short hop to the wall and run along the wall. along the way he will drop tala off to assist gramblin (not being aware of the confused effect... unless the telepathic bond would reveal it?) and from there will either attack the floating dark elf, or the one beyond down the corridor, depending on what is perceived down the corridor....

{{{tala follows the red line to the 25' foot mark, and drop tala off in the adjacent square, noted by the dotted line ending in the blue circle. after dropping off tala, he will continue along the red line to the green triangle.

depending on what he perceives down the corridor, he will either follow the orange line ending in the orange diamond-a vaulting attack to the other wall below the floating drow beginning a dervish dance at the 40' mark, square #1... or he will follow the purple line to attack the far dark elf beginning a dance at the 55' mark.

so i will need to know what, if anything, he perceives at the 25', 35', and 40' marks. also if the telepathic bond would reveal gramblin's confused state or not. as a side note, pik is depositing tala where he is so that the giants will not spot him, concentrating as they are on ahanna. and pik reminded ahanna about the darkness, right after nadem. }}}


06-14-2009, 12:32 PM
Given the telepathic bond, I think that Tala and the others ARE aware of Gramblin's confused state. After all, remember that the confusion targeted everybody, so you know that people tried to cast SOMETHING mind-affecting on all of you. You can put two and two together. That may change your actions.

The haste is an excellent idea; I will rule that it temporarily overcomes Ahanna's slow effect from the poison, letting her act normally (but not hasted).

Results of Pik's movement will wait until I see if you've changed your action.

06-15-2009, 12:03 AM
not that it will help much, but i'll deposit tala in the square to the left of the one with the blue circle. so instead of depositing him map-north, it'll be map-north-west. this will keep him out of sight of the giants, and give him a chance to choose where he will move for the rest of his turn.

as mentioned before, depending on his perceptions at the 20', 25', and 30' points, will decide where he goes after that.

06-17-2009, 06:09 PM
In addition to the enemies on the map, there's one more dark elf about 15' northeast of the elf labeled 1 (in the far northeast of the map). I am not putting him in explicitly; it would make the map awkward, and it's only one of them.

As a reminder, the floating/small/mirror-imaged dark elf is directly above a second one, a woman throwing vicious javelins.

06-24-2009, 01:06 AM
pik begins his dance at the 40' mark, following the orange line. he is still on the wall at this point, a fair distance up. he will have to draw his other two swords on the move, once he has set tala down as best he can. fortunately perhaps in this case, he can only strike once per 5'. since he will be running a line between the upper and lower dark elves, he may well draw AoO's from both, thus will make two tumble checks: one at dc15 the second at dc17 to pass through their threatened squares and nullify any AoO's. his dervish dance ability allows him to make tumble checks "normally" as part of his movement when dancing. his movement mastery allows him to 'take 10' on tumble checks, resulting in a 30, which is sufficient to pass even a pair of accelerated tumble checks, so it is of no consequence to pik.

his attacks will be in the following order: hasted attack at 40', high primary at 45', high first secondary at 50', high second secondary at 55', high third secondary at 60'... and a note about the movement at 55 & 60. this movement actually follows the bulge of the wall into the space directly between the upper and lower dark elf, for the sake of clarity i drew the line at a near diagonal, instead of over the pogs of the dark elves.

the remaining attacks at 65' (low primary) and 70' (low first secondary) will be dropping straight down to the floor in that same square, possibly allowing one of them to yet be aimed at the upper dark elf. if this is not feasible for some reason, then aiming both at the lower dark elf is fine.

all of his attacks which can be, will be aimed at the upper dark elf. this will possibly result in him clearing the remaining mirror images, or in him clearing some and finding the real dark elf, or finding the real dark elf off the bat. in any case, should the upper dark elf somehow get dropped, the remainder of his attacks, if any, will be directed at the lower dark elf.

the remaining two attacks will be lost for this round.

his primary bonuses are:
+2 attack, dervish dance
+2 attack, magic weapon
+5 attack, STR
+1 attack, weapon focus
-2 attack, multi-weapon fighting
... and...
+2 damage, magic weapon
+5 damage, STR
+2 damage, dervish dance
totaling +8 attack, +9 damage.

his secondary bonuses are:
+2 attack, dervish dance
+1 attack, magic weapon
+2 attack, half STR
+1 attack, weapon focus
-2 attack, multi-weapon fighting
... and...
+1 damage, magic weapon
+2 damage, half STR
+2 damage, dervish dance
totaling +4 attack, +5 damage.

... and his bab is +10, with a base damage of 1d6, and a threat range of 15-20.

{{{did i miss anything? if not let me know so i can adjust this... i'm going to save this list for reference later! ^^ anyway, based on these figures, the rolls....}}}

***sorry for the mislabeled damage rolls, i hit submit before i noticed that i hadn't finished editing the copied text! my bad!***

low first secondary critical confirmation check

low first secondary bonus damage

06-24-2009, 09:54 AM
You made four mistakes with Pik:
1) His secondary strength bonus is halved only for damage, not attack.
2) You forgot +1 from haste.
3) Weapon Focus gives +1 to damage.
4) He has 4 negative levels! -4 to hit/damage with all attacks. :(
Adjusted figures, including BAB:
Primary bonus: +15/10 to hit, +6 damage
Secondary bonus: +14/9 to hit, +2 damage

Base bonuses (NOT dervish dancing, NOT hasted, no buffs, not attacking giants; for future reference):
Primary bonus: +16/11 to hit, +8 damage
Secondary bonus: +15/10 to hit, +4 damage

After adjustments, I get the following attack rolls/damage rolls
(nat 1--miss)

All of these attacks are aimed at the floating elf except the last. (NOTE: Why couldn't you have aimed the last 2 attacks at the lower, female elf? You'd dropped down, so you could circle her and attack 2 more times.) Anyway: The elf has 4 images left, plus the real thing.
The first attack destroys an image; next attack has 1 in 4 of hitting the real thing.
The second also hits an image; 3rd attack has 1 in 3 of hitting the real thing.

Final results: Pik's somewhat weakened blows destroy 3 mirror images. His last attack misses the nimble female elf.

06-24-2009, 10:58 AM
i could not have circled her... but maybe i could have attacked once more times... by my calculations, i 'ran' out of movement. ^^ even with haste, i can only move 75' in a move action. plus i have to end up vertical or fall prone. thus i had to use the last 5' to re-orient. i forgot about the negative levels, and your custom weapon feat rules. sigh. in any case if i can attack on that last 5' of reorientation movement, which i suppose is technically valid since i am sort of changing squares, at least what square his feet are in... then here it is:

seems like that might be a crit... so here are those rolls:

low second secondary critical confirmation
low second secondary bonus damage

06-24-2009, 12:54 PM
Pik's last attack hits but does not critical the javelin-throwing woman; with the sand damage and the hit, she is looking rather under the weather, though far from dead.

Giant #1, still up, takes a single power attack at the flat-footed Ahanna:

Giants 2 and 3 stand up; then 1, 2 and 3 all retreat into the northwest corridor. Or rather, they try to. 1 and 2 make it, but 3 nearly collides with more giants coming in. 4 more giants attempt to enter; in the confusion with #3, only two of them make it--the others are stuck with #3 in the narrow corridor. One of the new arrivals has time to make a single attack at Ahanna:

At the same time, you hear a rustle and fearful-sounding whispers in the northwest corridor, behind the giants. A beautiful yet frightening female voice says in Giantish, "Clear the way, you fools!" The giants, to your surprise, seem intimidated by the speaker: a tall, elegant female elf surrounded by dark, shimmering energy. She wears an amulet with a vivid purple-and-yellow design on it, and robes of rich black cloth with trim of the same color. Flanking her are two male dark elves in similar but much less elaborate outfits.

You hear the sounds of chanting, then a number of spells go off. A bolt of searing flame hits Nadem, Ahanna and Arielle. (Note: Surprisingly, helpless characters still get Reflex saves, albeit with a 0 Dexterity (a -10 penaly in her case). Nadem and Arielle both get +1 to Reflex saves thanks to Haste.) A spell seems to invigorate your enemies while weakening you (you recognize a Prayer; it catches only Nadem, Ahanna, Arielle and Gramblin; -1 to hit/damage/saves/skill checks for them). Finally, you hear another spell being cast; you're not sure what it's doing.

DC 22 Reflex saves against the flame strike.

Results: Ahanna is hit by the spell and a giant for another 83 points of damage; she is now badly hurt. Arielle catches the full brunt of the flame strike; the damage will not kill her, but she must make a massive-damage Fort save, as must Ahanna:

More unpleasantness: The flame strike catches the unconscious Arielle with the full brunt; the attack is too much for the elf, and she dies.

However, immediately after this, something surprising happens. A barrier of whirling blades springs into being, cutting viciously into the female elf and giants 3, 5 and 6. A familiar voice yells in Common, "This will slow them down. They have reenforcements coming. We have to leave NOW!!" You recognize Sabriel's voice!
Results: One of the giants falls dead from the whirling blades; Ahanna's two attackers are wounded. Unfortunately, the blades of force fail to damage the female dark elf, vanishing as they touch her.
(More to come)

06-25-2009, 12:17 AM
{{{yea! sabriel!!! i hope she can make the concentration checks to heal on the run.... ^^ now... which way to run... somehow, i'm not thinking towards the clerical types with the giants behind them.}}}

06-26-2009, 02:41 PM
The elegant female leader gives some whispered commands, and you see movement in the northwest corridor (not shown on the map). One of the elves with her fires crossbow bolts at Ahanna (whose AC is 29 thanks to the blades):
The other does something, you're not sure what.

Meanwhile, the two elves waiting in the NE corridor move to engage Pik (NOTE: Pik gets an AOO!). One attacks him with a short sword, flanking with the elf woman; the other uses Aid Another to help his wizard friend against Pik (who is AC 32):

Finally, the javelin-wielding woman stabs Pik with her javelins multiple times, wielding 1 in each hand:

She hits Pik for a total of 29 points of damage.

Ahanna moves. She kneels (-2 to hit) and attacks the giant beside her with an Awesome Blow (-4 to hit):
This knocks the giant into the Blade Barrier, with no saving throw!

Ahanna then picks up Arielle's body and takes a 5' step to the northeast. She says to Nadem, "We must leave! Let us get the elves out of the way!"

Finally, the floating wizard casts a spell at Tala!

The giant takes 65 damage from her blow and the blades; he is hurt and unhappy but not dead. Pik gets an AOO at the Drow. Tala must make a DC 17 Fort save. Ahanna can see and has Ariell's body; she is heading towards the northeast.

It is Nadem's turn.

NOTE: The stairway out of this level is to the northwest, not far from Sabriel; the hole in the ceiling is much farther to the NW. Also, you know this about Ahanna: She can levitate.

07-06-2009, 12:21 AM
Pik's crit check.
Pik's crit bonus damage.

Nadem makes full use of the skating effect to maneuver himself in between Gramblin and Pik and slashes at the dark elf, the javelin wielding female, i believe, with his mind sword.

*Nadem's damage was supposed to be 1d10, sorry, but i guess no harm done with that roll.*

07-07-2009, 11:28 AM
The two elves in the northeast corner move to engage Pik. One of them flanks him with the floating wizard; the other just attacks. One of them is fighting defensively.
Drow #7, attack 1
Drow #7, attack 2
Drow #8, attack 1
Drow #8, attack 2

Meanwhile, Gramblin acts according to the random roll:

07-08-2009, 07:28 AM
{{{question... now that Pik is on the floor again, how can the floating one legally give a flanking position? is the other dark elf prone on the floor to get the flanking position? or am i just missing a nuance of the flanking rules?}}}

07-09-2009, 06:31 PM
A) You're right, the flank probably wouldn't work.
B) He missed anyway.

NOTE: I misplaced Gramblin--he should have been a little bit farther north. So: His result is "run away from caster". Gramblin runs frantically to the northeast and out of sight. Two elves get AOOs against him:
First AOO
Second AOO

Both miss.

It is now Pik's/Tala's turn. NOTE: You would guess that Gramblin's confusion is wearing off soon.

07-23-2009, 12:34 AM
Pik will continue his dance around the female elf on the floor....

{{{Any remaining attacks will either go at the one above, or the remaining one below, depending on any pertinent factors you can tell me up to the point that nimble female dark elf falls... if i manage to nail her, that is.}}}

Tala's actions will depend on Pik's results to a degree, so i'll wait and see how Pik's portion of the round turns out.

07-23-2009, 10:39 AM
Unfortunately, only the 1st and 3rd high secondaries hit--her AC is quite impressive. They are not criticals, so they inflict only 6 points of damage. :(

Pik realizes that the negative energy blast is hurting his combat greatly.

Sabriel yells from afar, "We don't have time for this! They're tough and reinforcements are on the way! We have to get out of here!"

07-24-2009, 08:47 PM
Tala will cast web such that it will wall off the northwest group from the rest of our party, and will then move so as to minimize exposure as he flees to the northwest.

07-28-2009, 06:30 PM
The two elves in the corner take AOOs at Tala as he moves by:
First attack
First damage
Second attack
Second damage

You can't see what signal passes between them, but the priests and priestess act in concert. The priestess shouts, "Attack that female, then step back!" The priestess then casts Greater Dispelling, dispelling both the Blade Barrier and the Web.

A giant full-attacks Sabriel, then steps back 5', allowing a priest to move up and also engage hand-to-hand. You see him wield a short rod, with tentacles that flail and lash at Sabriel. The 1st attack hits; the second is a possible critical, but it is not confirmed.
The tentacles appear to be touch attacks.
Fortunately, Sabriel has cast Antilife Shell. Neither the giant nor the priest is able to approach her, and their actions are wasted. Ignore all damage rolls for them. (The DM forgot this. :doh:)

With the blade barrier out of the way, the other priest moves and casts a spell. His hands fill with black fire, and he throws a handful of it at Ahanna. Meanwhile, the last giant moves up and full-attacks Ahanna. The other giants move elsewhere, you're not sure where.
Ahanna is hit by one sword attack and one flame attack for 37 points of damage.

Sabriel's action: She flies swiftly past the giants and touches Arielle's body, casting Revivify. Arielle returns to life, although badly wounded. As she does this, she opens herself to 2 AOOs from the giants. (Her Antilife Shell collapses, since she had to force her way past the giants.) Since I already rolled attacks for the giants, I will use them, and she takes 57 points of damage.

Finally, the dark elves act. The nimble javelin wielder makes a single attack at Pik, but her attack misses.

She then tumbles back 10', drawing something from a pouch. The two other elves take up defensive positions.

Ahanna starts as Arielle awakens. Unfortunately, she can't attack with her greatsword (which requires 2 hands). Instead, she moves up to just behind Pik (sheathing her sword) and attempts to grab one of the defensive elves, missing only on a 1:
Assuming she hits, the elf attacks her; if he does damage, her attempt fails:
Ignore the critical against her; the elf is taking a total-defense action and gets no AOOs! :doh: She grabs the elf easily, crushing him to her body and inflicting damage:
Grapple damage
She says, "I've got one of them! Let's go!"

Finally, the floating wizard casts a spell, then reaches out and touches Ahanna:
touch attack
Vampiric Touch against Ahanna
The result: He drains Ahanna's life force; you see him smile as he absorbes her life force. She is now terribly hurt (HP in the low single digits). However, she is still alive. She gasps, "We must go!"

It is Nadem's turn. One final note: When Pik lost those 4 levels, they also cost him 20 hit points--did you mark those off? Also, the wizard has no mirror images left but is still blinking in and out unpredictably.

08-20-2009, 12:14 AM
Nadem glows briefly and moves as swiftly as his enhanced boots will take him. Dodging Ahanna, he flanks the drow with Pik and strikes a flaming two-handed blow. He shouts his battle cry as he does so, attempting to exert his will and intimidate all three drow in the vicinity of Pik.

{{{expended psionic focus, activating his death ward. he is wearing his mask, which grants him a bonus on intimidate checks, he is using the 'never outnumbered' skill trick to affect every enemy within 10' of him who can see him, and using the intimidate skill check as part of the attack action. }}}

Nadem's attack,
possible damage including weapon aflame,
intimidate check to demoralize all enemies within 10' that can see him.

08-20-2009, 12:59 PM
Nadem's powerful attack slays the already-wounded elf. The awesome sight of his flame-shrouded body and sword make the other elves hesitate uncertainly; they draw back and look uncertain about the prospect of attacking.

The only remaining elves in this area are the blinking wizard and the javelin-wielding woman, who appears intimidated, as I said above.

The recovered Arielle sees the forces closing from the other side and says, "This should slow them down!"

IGNORE THE USE MAGIC DEVICE REFERENCE; the DM forgot a different ability of hers. She concentrates and hums a song of summoning, and a number of barbarians appear:
4 barbarians appear. She commands them to attack the dark elves and giants. She says quickly, "The barbarians will keep them busy! Let's go!"

All of them rage. 1 barbarian attacks the javelin-wielding elf; another throws a spear at the floating elf; 2 others move into the larger room to engage the giants:
Unfortunately, the spear misses the floating elf, but he is alarmed as the spear goes right through where his chest would have been. 2 attacks hit giants (I forgot the charge bonus):
First sword damage
Second sword damage
Gramblin's motions are still unclear. It is Pik and Tala's turn.

08-20-2009, 04:47 PM
Pik and Tala both want to see Ahanna clear without further wounds, Pik will seek to run interference with any attempts to attack her. {{{i'm not sure what the best way to model that in the rules would be... perhaps moving along with her, and having a readied action to block/parry/counter/take-the-hit of any AoOs? with his spring attack feat, there shouldn't be any issue with the potential move-attack-move. }}}

Tala will cast bear's endurance on Ahanna and then move on and try to catch up with Gramblin.

08-21-2009, 11:48 AM
At this point I consider the fight over. You quickly flee down the northeast corridor, joined by Sabriel. The priests and priestess are busy for the moment dealing with the screaming barbarians--it will only take a round or two, but that is enough. You find Gramblin, whose Confusion just wore off. Sabriel casts a Mass Cure Moderate Wounds:
Sabriel's cure on everyone

You are now in a small chamber due east of pool room. Simplified drawing (NOTE I have used asterisks as well as of spaces to represent filled spaces, since this editor eats the extra spaces):
**** Big **___ -------------------- /
*** cavern ___ | Red dragon room | /
**red dragons**-------------------/
*************|******|****| \ /
***Ramp to*<___\______/_____\**\
***2nd floor*****\ ***/ ******\**\
*************|Pool room|****--------------
*************-----------****|Piercer room|

The pool room has 2 passages out of it, northwest and northeast; it turns out that they are connected (see the row that begins "Ramp to 2nd floor"; that's another corridor), and both lead to the red dragon room. The passage that connects them also leads east to the piercer room; that's where Gramblin went. You're in the piercer room. Piercers are such lame opponents that I'm not going to make you fight it out. Gramblin does not spot them, being confused:
1 attack on flat-footed Gramblin
Piercer damage
1 attack on flat-footed Gramblin
Piercer damage
Then the rest of the party is NOT surprised by them (because Gramblin, recovered from confusion, warns them), but three other party members do suffer one attack (this is just an approximation):
1=Ahanna, 2=Nadem, 3=Pik, 4=Sabriel, 5=Sabriel, 6=Tala
1=Ahanna, 2=Nadem, 3=Pik, 4=Sabriel, 5=Sabriel, 6=Tala
1=Ahanna, 2=Nadem, 3=Pik, 4=Sabriel, 5=Sabriel, 6=Tala
1 attack
Piercer damage
1 attack
Piercer damage
1 attack
Piercer damage

Briefly, Gramblin was hit twice for 18 damage; Sabriel and Ahanna were hit for 10 and 6 each. Then you killed them in 1 round (Ahanna great-cleaved through most of them), and took 2000 gp worth of scattered jewelry.

The party is still sorely down on HP and spells and has, you think, only a few rounds of breathing room. What will you do? Note: There is a hole in the big cavern with the red dragons to the west. Did you make another to get down? I don't remember. Also note that the other red dragon (in the big cavern directly northwest of you) is asleep.

08-21-2009, 05:12 PM
at this point, i'm thinking that going up the hole we made previous is our best bet, unless someone has a better idea. basically, we want the shortest and fastest way out. ^^

Tala will be webbing liberally behind and besides them as needed, using the large radius to fill out side corridors too. If anyone else has wall, mist, or other vision obscuring, blocking, and direction mis-leading effects, we should be using them as well.

08-22-2009, 12:55 AM
OK, with webbing and an illusion from Arielle, you believe you've mislead your pursuers for a little while. You quickly move back to the hole you made. Problem: There are still the two red dragons to deal with! What are you going to do with them? (Again: I know you made a hole over that big cavern--was there another one? I wasn't sure. My apologies.) BTW, I need Tala and Arielle to make Knowledge: Arcana checks.
Arielle's K:A check

08-22-2009, 10:31 AM
you mean the ones we double-dumped the ceiling on? ^^


{{{according to the log, we wandered down via sneaking this time. }}}

08-24-2009, 12:35 PM
So when all is said and done: Are you going to go up through the hole, or via the main level entrance? Gramblin is of the opinion that while two red dragons may be difficult to deal with, if we're quick we might zip right past them; if we try to go up through the main passage, the clerics may have it trapped or blocked off in some fashion. Sabriel is willing to do the whole wind-walk-with-bag-of-holding thing.

08-24-2009, 08:15 PM
which ever is shorter or easier. we are closer to the ramp, but the hole is likely to be easier... and pik is still dancing for a number of rounds yet to go, just in case we run into something inclined to fight. so let's just head for the hole we made.

08-25-2009, 12:30 AM
You head quickly to the hole, prepared to run or fight as seems appropriate. One thing does happen: As you move through the central area with the sleeping red dragon, it awakens. However, you are moving too quickly for it to do anything, so it does not have a chance to attack you. You make it to the hole and have a not-unpleasant surprise: As you get closer to them, Tala and Arielle both realize that you have misidentified the creatures. The two creatures are not, in fact, red dragons--although they don't know what the creatures are. Sabriel and Gramblin do, however: they are fire lizards. These creatures, while fairly ferocious (Large size with a nasty bite, plus they do breathe fire), are are not as nasty as red dragons (and much stupider), and their breath in particular is rather less damaging than that of red dragons.

Given this, does the party want to fight or run? You would guess that the lizards might be a problem given your current weakened state, but you think you can take them in a fight. If you just run past them and have Ahanna use Levitate to get up the hole, the worst that could happen is that the lizards might breathe on you, which would be painful but probably not fatal.

Final note: On the way, Sabriel casts Mass Cure Moderate Wounds and Mass Cure Light Wounds:

08-25-2009, 02:48 PM
Tala has a thought... since they are not actual dragons, they might be subject to the insight granted him by his time in the desert.... Tala reaches out with the force of his personality and the desert insight and attempts to persuade them to attack any that enter or leave this area after they leave.

{{{mass charm monster effect, up to 33hd or one monster regardless of hd, must have either neutral or good axis of alignment. Tala is betting on the chance that they might be naturally neutral. He can speak draconic if needed to accomplish this. }}}

Pik is willing to just move on by and jump out of the hole, unless they try to attack. In that case, if he still has a bit of dance time left, he will lay into them. If not, a single attack in passing and then a jump out of the hole, an easy leap for him.

Nadem will not try to intimidate them unless they attack one of the party. Likewise with an attack on the move. He will likely need to hang on to Ahanna to get up out of the hole, which is a higher priority than attacking, should it come down to such a choice.

08-25-2009, 04:16 PM
First, let's deal with the saves:
Both lizards fail their save against Tala's massive charm and consider him a friend. Tala manages to suggest that creatures other than the party are not friends, although the lizards are not bright and it's at the limits of their comprehension. Ahanna levitates through the hole with the others.

To make matters brief: For whatever reason, your escape from the fire giant fortress is unimpeded; you quickly leave out the same window you came in. (You see some fire giants as you leave, but with the speed of your escape, plus appropriate illusions/invisibility, they don't see you.)

You swiftly run away across the volcanic terrain towards the cave you found some miles away. Sabriel uses the bag-of-holding-and-fly trick to get away; she's towing the levitating Ahanna behind her.

You're now at your cave, with a prisoner. Gramblin and Pik scout the area and are reasonably sure that the giants have not been here and don't know you're here, although you're close enough to the fortress that they might find you if you stayed here more than day or two.

Arielle suggests that she charm your captive, but the problem is that between SR and good saves, he's very likely to resist the spell. However, if the party can intimidate him into believing that the only alternative is death, your captive (a male, btw) might willingly accept the charm.

08-25-2009, 08:27 PM
Nadem will take that into hand. He will make a point of showing the dark elf the forming of his mind blade and then will draw blood from the back of the dark elf's hand or on the leg, or other convenient (and visible to the prisoner) location. Nadem makes a production out of charging the mind blade, concentrating and upping the aura of the blade as he imbues the blade with ever increasing layers of power. Then he will pointedly destroy something in a burst of power, preferably spraying the pieces over the dark elf. Finally, he will repeat the process and prepare to smite the dark elf. At that point, it would be time for whomever is going to be speaking to do so. (Likely Tala and or Arielle.)

{{{taking 10 on the intimidate check, and using the impressive destruction of something plus the menacing aura of Nadem. Nadem gets a total of +25 to the check, making the 'take 10' total a 35 to intimidate to adjust attitude. }}}

08-25-2009, 11:03 PM
The dark elf is THOROUGHLY intimidated, speaking in a panicked fashion. However, it appears that no one speaks the language. Sabriel says that she can memorize Tongues, but she will have to wait until tomorrow. Arielle suggests that with sufficient sign language and threats, and knowing that the elf knows what spellcasting looks like, Nadem can get across the idea that he should allow her to cast this spell on her. This works.

Once Arielle has charmed him, she says, "The charm will hold for days. I suggest this. Let's all rest, and let Sabriel memorize her spells. We can take watch and make it clear via sign language that he should not leave the cave. Given that he now treats me as a friend, this should be enough. In the morning we can ask our questions."

Assuming you do this, what questions do you wish to ask?

BTW, Sabriel uses her wand and memorized spells to heal everyone to full.

08-26-2009, 01:42 AM
{{{ara, i assumed that the intimidate and interrogate would wait until we could speak with the dark elf... sorry that i forgot to be explicit. so long as the charm has verifiably been successful, i suppose that it is of little moment either way. =D }}}

Charm or no charm, the Pik and Nadem and Tala will keep a quiet and alert watch on the dark elf, and Tala in particular will attempt to begin to learn his language, writing down everything he can. Nadem and Pik will keep their distance for now, from the dark elf and each other, so as to prevent any targeting.

The most pertinent question would be finding out how they are tracking 'the intruders'. However it occurs to me to wonder how we will manage to question him and not bring up the association of us with the intruders.

Once that has been overcome, finding out about their society, his place in it, his feelings about it all, his aspirations, dreams and goals, and so forth... and capitalizing on the charm to do everything to get him talking about himself and his views on everything going on, thereby sneakily getting information we need about the dark elves, the giants, any allies, and other related information without directly asking about it.
{{{Tala can make diplomacy checks, or take 10 / 20 as needed with his +15 bonus. }}}

08-26-2009, 05:58 PM
I am phrasing the questions as if you'd asked them directly; I understand that you are actually trying to infer the information indirectly. Briefly: His desire is to aid the Drow in harming and dominating the surface world, and to help his Matron Mother Eclavdra achieve the goal of becoming Queen of all the Drow, while subordinating the other Houses. You get an impression of VERY strong rivalries between the various Drow Houses; he implies that double-dealings, treacheries and outright murders between them are common.

"Who are you?"->"I am Kerred Rallet. I serve House Eilservs."

"Who or what is House Eilservs?"->"It is the First House of the 8 Great Houses of Erelhei-Cinlu in our Vault."

"What and where are Erelhei-Cinlu and the Vault?"->"The Vault is a great cave, deep underground. Erelhei-Cinlu is the great city within the Vault. I don't know exactly where it is relative to here--some miles away, deep within the Underdark."

"What are the 8 Houses?"->{He tells you and gives you a brief indication of rivalries. Unfortunately the DM doesn't actually have that information handy. One thing you do find out: Another house, Kilsek, apparently has observers in the giant fortress; they are deadly rivals of the Eilservs house.}

"What manner of being are you?"->"We are the Drow, the elves of the Underdark. Long ago, her kind " {indicates Arielle} " treacherously attacked us, slaying many; we escaped underground and rebuilt our strength in the worship of Lolth, the demon goddess of spiders. But why are you asking me this? Your companion " {indicates Tala} " is one of us; why hasn't he told you this?"

"Who is Lolth?"->"The demon goddess of spiders, worshipped by the Drow."

"How did you keep finding the intruders?"->"Two ways. First of all, we're very good at passing unseen and unheard, so a few times we simply observed them without being seen. Second, the hill and frost giants told us that they'd been using Rope Tricks to hide inside their fortresses. Our wizards had seen this ploy many times before--it's an obvious trick for magically experienced people such as ourselves. So, we spread out, and each of us detected magic in an area. If we detected auras that seemed out-of-place, we summoned our wizards for a better look with See Invisibility and similar spells. Once we detected a Rope Trick, we prepared an ambush, out of line-of-sight of it. But those idiot fire giants spoiled it by passing within sight of the Rope Trick, when we'd specifically told them not to! So, we had to spring the ambush when less prepared than we'd wanted to be. We almost had them!"

"Who is the priestess who arrived later in the fight?"->"She is Matron Mother High Priestess Eclavdra Eilservs, Matron Mother of our house and the most powerful priestess of all the Drow."

"What are your plans regarding the giants and the surface world?"->"In general, use the giants to extend our influence in the surface world, and gaining more sacrifices. I don't know the details; I'm just a lowly male, after all."

"What sorts of abilities do your people have?"->"We can all cast dancing lights, faerie fire and darkness; better-trained ones such as I can cast detect magic and levitate. Females can cast dispel magic, and they are very good at detecting when you are lying and knowing what you're doing--I don't know the details. In fact, Matron Mother Eclavdra might be scrying on us right now, for all I know. Anyway, we are all subtle and swift; males are often wizards, females are often priestesses."

08-26-2009, 07:07 PM
{{{a brief question, even thought i think i know the answer. Tala being an albino is somewhat different looking from the standard dark elf, or drow, as they seem to call themselves, but i take it that there are sufficient physical traits-ignoring obvious matters of coloring-to positively identify Tala as a dark elf?

blast, we need a nystul's aura spell to use on the rope trick...

and does anyone have detect scrying or maybe see invis for spotting the sensor?

we may now have to find another hideout... in fact it may be a good idea in any case, just to be safe.

and as a side comment, it seem like every time we don't have Sabriel around, we get into serious trouble. ^^}}}

08-26-2009, 10:32 PM
A few things:
1) Sabriel does have true seeing, but she says, "I only have one dose of it left, plus a scroll--is it worth casting?"
2) All you know is, none of you have noticed scrying. Translation: IF there was a scrying spell cast, whoever was the target failed his/her save and did not detect it. Or, it could be that one was not cast. You can't be sure.
3) Being on another plane (e.g. rope trick) does give you a +5 on Will saves vs. scrying--not that you're in one now, but it's a thought.
4) Does anyone know Nystul's Magic Aura? I don't think so.
5) The physical resemblance between Tala and the Drow is notable--not like they're brothers, but Tala's eye color, shape of face, etc. has always been subtly different from those of normal elves. Asked to comment about it, Kerred also notes that you winced from the sunlight as you were leaving the cave. (It was at that point morning, and the sun was right in your eyes.) Finally, I rolled a secret Int check for Kerred. ^_^

So, what's the plan?

08-27-2009, 12:58 AM
{{{ hmmm, i'll have to think a bit. as a side note, being a true albino, Tala's eyes are red. }}}

09-03-2009, 11:36 PM
Sabriel is grumbling that she should never have left you. (She did get a good supply of scent-killing potion, btw.)

Gramblin and Arielle are both looking uncharacteristically sheepish. Gramblin looks embarassed; Arielle has obvious, suppressed frustration and fury.

Ahanna is raring for a fight, once Sabriel heals her. "I have had enough of all this waiting and sneaking! I don't sneak well! In any case, all our caution did was to give them time to prepare against us. Let us hit them soon, and hit them hard, when they think we're still running away!"

Arielle speaks up. "The next time we retreat, assuming we do, we should do this. Let at least some of us go to an area without having our scents hidden. Then Tala can cast another Rope Trick. Then we apply scentkiller and leave. They'll waste their time setting up an ambush around the Rope Trick, only to find we're not there." (She says this with your prisoner out of earshot.)

09-10-2009, 05:22 PM
{{{as we talked about over the phone, the remove scent is in the spell compendium on p.173, and is first level... the wand would in fact be cheaper. }}}

(out of hearing of our 'guest'... though someone is staying with him to guard him and monitor his movements. )
Tala thanks Arielle for the idea. "We clearly face a foe who is not only determined to destroy the stability of the region, but is canny and devious. Against such a foe as our guest has described, we must use every stratagem available to prevail. I feel that not only should we do as Arielle has suggested, but use that idea in following Princess Ahanna's advice as well. I believe that we should set up the rope as bait for them to set another ambush, and then preemptively ambush them. Perhaps we can contrive to leave our 'guest' in the rope trick as a special surprise, thus relieving us of the burden of his fate."

{{{so, the plan is that once we have rested and restored our abilities, that we return; briefly scout for the best point of entry; enter after having removed our scent, become invisible, and so forth; leave a fake rope trick-preferably with our 'guest' in it, bound and/or unconscious if we have to; then keep on the move to prevent ourselves from being caught, silenced if necessary; until we can counter-ambush them in the middle of preparing for the ambush.}}}

09-11-2009, 01:29 PM
Ahanna: "This is a good plan, except for one thing. I am not a good ambusher. How do you expect to keep one of my size undetected while this ambush occurs? My suggestion: Have me INSIDE the rope trick, with our guest. When we ambush the ambushers, give me a signal and I will come out of the rope trick and attack."

Other than this, all agree this is a good plan. Gramblin suggests the usual: Go in through a window after dispelling any alarms; then he and/or Sabriel in wind walk form scout a good location. Then we head for that location and set up an ambush. The only problem (Gramblin, in character):
"Those Drow are sneaky and good at detections. Maybe Invisibility and scentlessness are enough, maybe not. How to we make sure they don't spot us preparing to attack them?"

09-17-2009, 03:58 PM
"At least one of us will be looking for invisible enemies. Detection effects are limited in range, but seeing invisible is not. I also have a further suggestion. The entrances are too limited. We need to split their forces up between guarding many points of entry. I suggest that we make some of our own."

We have a rough layout of the place.... Tala is proposing that since the spells converting one material into another only affect 'natural' and not worked materials, we simply use his rock to sand spells in one of three ways: finding a low point and angling a line of effect up into the fortress such that it will, a) allow the sand to drain out of the tunnel, and b) expose the "outer" portion of a worked wall; finding a point that we think a line of effect angled down will intersect the third level that we found, the one of natural caverns, thus allowing the sand to drain into that level and give us a point of entry all in one; or use it on the mountainside above and bury the entrance in a lot of sand and rock, possibly forcing them to dig their way out and letting us snipe them.

This will give us extra entrances and exits, plus force them to spread their forces even thinner. It should have the effect of softening them up and also weakening individual groups as they have to cover more and more locations. Then we can walk in, via a window, or even the front door depending on what we do, and hit them hard. If done sufficiently well, we could dispense with the rope trick entirely this time, or use it later.

Part of the reason for the new suggestion is that I am leery of doing what we have done before and it somehow backfiring on us. Plus, this answers Gramblin's just concerns.

09-17-2009, 10:50 PM
Sabriel: "I agree with Ahanna that we have been moving too slowly. My suggestion: Use the rock-to-sand spells to make an entrance directly into either the second or the third level, as suggested. Then hit them fast and hard.

"There is one thing. I don't think that the Drow will bother looking for a rope trick until they know we're there. Our friend told us that they can only Detect Magic once per day, and not all of them can do that. So, they won't scan with Detect Magic all the time--just when they think they'll find us.

"So, what we do is, make the entrance and hit them, hard. When we're ready to retreat, but NOT out of spells and firepower, retreat and pretend to hide in the rope trick. Then hide and ambush them as planned, when they ambush the rope trick."

09-18-2009, 04:56 PM
"This sounds like the best combination of plans. It would be nice if we could manage at least two entrances, if not more. But let us see how the first one goes, and then we can make more if needed. If there are no further refinements, let us away."

09-20-2009, 11:44 PM
"Indeed, let us be on our way!"

{ooc: It is now morning, and you're about 2 hours hard walking from the fortress. What's the exact plan for approach? Time of day? Etc. Sabriel will memorize--any specific suggestions? She'll definitely do a Tongues and a Wind Walk.}

09-21-2009, 03:30 PM
{{{as i recall, the duration of a wind walk is such that she could go on ahead and scout out any likely places based on the calculations and estimates we've done, and still have lots of time left. we are looking for an area that is deep enough to angle upwards into the second or third level, or that would be a good location to angle down into the third level. ideally, the area would be protected from view of any patrols, the windows and so forth. if some would be better at helping make those checks, then some can go with her using the bag trick. and how are we handling our guest; and how much time is left on the charm? after all, based on what we've been told of their society, 'friends' is a very relative term.}}}

09-28-2009, 12:44 AM
{{{the search for suitable 'drilling' location roll, as discussed...}}}

search for ideal location

09-28-2009, 03:39 PM
{results of an out-of-character phone discussion}
Nijineko needed to make a general d100 "luck roll" to see how good a spot they can find outside the volcano in order to drill into the 2nd or 3rd floors from *below*. Bearing in mind that the 1st floor is at ground level, they will need to find a spot where there is a cliff, located *well below* ground level, in order to drill into the 2nd or 3rd level.

Given the roll of 45 (neither good nor bad), the DM rules that they did, in fact, find a spot where they can drill from below into the 2nd level. That is the good news. The bad: It is some distance away, probably requiring multiple spells (details TBA), and given that you do not have detailed maps, you are not sure exactly where it will end up--you're just fairly sure it will be somewhere on the 2nd level. The DM rolls to determine where:

DM's random roll to determine tunnel location--what it means is known only to the DM

09-28-2009, 05:45 PM
{{{2nd level... nuts. that'll mean some digging more likely than not to break through the worked portion of stone...

the other option is to angle down into the third level so that the sand will drain out into the third level... which will likely be an easier (and shorter) target.

well, at least by going for the 2nd level, they won't hear us coming until we have to bust the worked stone. another thought is that once we see where the passage comes though, we can then estimate where it will roughly hit the third level based on Gramblin's maps. best have some stone shapes memorized. Sabriel can manage that, right? if the stone shapes have no audible side effects, then we could use that to thin the worked stone and then make a pinhole to look through.

i'll need to know the distance involved to know how many of my spells it will soak up making... if it takes too many, this will have to be stretched out over a couple of days. if the couple of days is the result, we could then use stoneshapes to smooth the center of the tunnel part we have made into a slide, and the sides have the occasional rouge/ridged part for easy climbing during the extra day.

we also need to decide if we want all the casters at full or not before we try the raid. }}}

09-29-2009, 10:14 PM
Reading the fine print (Sandstorm p.125):
"The depth of the sand created cannot exceed 10 feet."
So the tunneling plan will not work, at least in the fashion described. A shame; that was a very good plan.

Back to the drawing board...ideas?

Gramblin still likes the straightforward approach: Sneak in like we've been doing; hit them hard; then pretend to retreat and ambush them when they jump the Rope Trick.

09-29-2009, 11:52 PM
{{{nuts, forgot about that.... hmmmm. can we summon anything that can dig and leave a tunnel? }}}

10-05-2009, 09:22 AM
{Nothing that I'm aware of, in terms of summoning. Earth elementals explicitly do not leave behind a tunnel. Perhaps one of the Planar Ally spells could do the trick, but there's no creature that I'm aware of that can tunnel in that fashion and which can be summoned via Planar Ally.}

So, what's the plan?

10-21-2009, 04:02 PM
{This is a summary of a phone conversation between nijineko and midnight_dm.}
In short: The fortress is inside a volcano. Stone to Sand only works on unworked stone. The majority of the volcano is, of course, unworked stone, but the first level of the fortress is worked stone. So, the tentative plan:
1) Figure out a spot in the 1st level that is reasonably close to the outside of the volcano, but which does not have windows or other openings and which will NOT be an expected entry point. You think you have done this.
2) Use multiple Stone to Sand spells to erode the side of the volcano until you reach worked stone. At this point you think it will be about 30' of stone, so 3 castings of StS will be needed.
3) The remaining worked stone should be relatively thin, perhaps 1'; you will then get through it using multiple Stone Shape spells (from Sabriel).
The factors you still need to deal with:
A) You don't want to collapse the side of the fortress; this would clog it with sand, and you wouldn't be able to enter.
B) Bearing A) in mind, plus all the relevant spells, plus planning for the unforseen and dealing with engineering issues, you expect this will take a little time--at least minutes, maybe an hour. The giants do patrol the area.
To deal with A), you'll just use your best guess, unless you know someone with Knowledge (Engineering). (NOTE: You do know such a person, an engineer named Sam whom you rescued in the first adventure. Contacting him and getting him here could be a problem, however.) To deal with B), you'll do your work at dusk, then sleep through the night and attack as soon as you've recovered your spells.

Are you ready to go?

10-22-2009, 04:18 PM
we'll use the stone shapes to shape a door with a flanged rim on our side to help keep out and redirect the sand, but leaving a thin layer undisturbed. this door will need to be large enough for Ahanna to get through, by squeezing if necessary, though normal size for her would be ideal. the thin layer left should disguise the fact that we are working our way through because the side facing into the fortress will be undisturbed, yet allow Ahanna to simply break it open when the time comes with her superior strength.

depending on the results of patrols, i'd really like to make a try for a second level opening as well. that would give us potentially three ways out. however, the need for quick action may preclude that. we'll see how the first entry comes out.

10-23-2009, 12:54 PM
I misjudged one thing: The gap between the 1st and 2nd levels is about 40', but as most of the chambers are 30' high, the actual amount of stone between them is only about 10' in places. You might be able to break into the smithy on the 2nd level--it's a natural cavern with a river of lava running through it. In short, your most likely entry point is the left side of the volcano, towards the back of the 1st level. It so happens that this area is also almost directly ABOVE the smithy. So, from the same spot you can A) tunnel through to the rear part of the 1st level and B) from there, tunnel down into the cavern in the 2nd level.

Tunneling into the 2nd or 3rd levels below will be very difficult--so far as you can tell, the nearest clefts in the stone that would get you sufficiently deep to approach the 2nd/3rd levels will require tunneling through at least 200' of solid rock.

What are your next steps? Do you want Sabriel and/or Gramblin to do more scouting inside the fortress? What do you plan in terms of studying/approaching your tunneling area? As soon as you tell me your initial actions, we can start talking about the actual approach.

10-25-2009, 05:52 PM
I think it would be wise to have someone scouting the outside and the inside.... upon reflection, it would be valuable for the inside person to be able to get through closed doors without opening them, which would point to Sabriel. however, it would also be valuable for the insider person to have a see invisible effect going, and only Gramblin and Arielle could 'umd' a scroll. Tala only has one such scroll left. The inside person needs to be silent and scentless. The latter of which we can do for anyone, but the former is either Gramblin or Sabriel in wind walk. Does anyone have a hat of disguise, or some other method of disguising themselves in case of an enemy see-invisible? anyone else have some in-character advice about whom should be chosen for inside and outside scouting?

10-26-2009, 11:33 PM
Gramblin: "I'm your best scout for mapping and finding hidden areas, but I don't move as fast and I may have trouble with doors. Give me a Bull's Strength, though, and I can manage. Sabriel is probably the best choice overall--with Wind Walk and Invisibility she's practically undetectable and very fast, and she can use True Seeing if necessary. HOWEVER"--he pauses to emphasize this--"those magic traps in the temple caught her and me even when she was in that form! We all know what happens when our only healer is out of action! So, if she must go, she's got to stay well away from the Drow temple area--don't even come close.

"I don't like her scouting, but it may be the best."

Sabriel scoffs: "Do you really think I'd have that much trouble? You know how fast and quiet I am in that form!"

Gramblin: "Yes, I do--but you also can't cast spells in that form. One good spell cast on you and you could be in trouble. Plus, those Drow might expect it--you've Wind Walked once before."

Arielle: "With my new spell abilities, I think I'm your best choice, my lord." {That last to Gramblin.} "I can read Tala's scroll without even trying hard, I can Alter Self to look like any occupant I need to, I can turn myself invisible, and I can use Gaseous Form to fly or get through doors if I need to. A Bull's Strength for the door might be nice, though."

They turn towards the other three. Sabriel raises a questioning eyebrow.

ADDENDUM: The DM forgot to give you XP! Since you had to run away from the fight, you only get partial XP for that, but you do get RPing XP for dealing with your prisoner, etc. Make it 1100 XP each.

05-24-2011, 12:00 AM
To summarize the results of an off-board session (quoting from Tala's notes):
We find another entrance into the mountain via the dragon's entrance. Gramblin scouts ahead, and then we buff a bit. we move to the entrance, and then use a scroll to summon an elder earth elemental. the elemental takes a big hunk of rock off the ceiling that had a symbol of pain trap, and smashed the dragon sleeping on the pile of treasure with it. we then drop the ceiling on top of the dragon and elemental, figuring the elemental won't be bothered. the "dragon" promptly dies a couple of arrow shots later, and we figure something is wrong. a trueseeing reveals that the cavern is actually twice as large and the real dragon is watching us and prepping behind the illusionary wall. a couple of attempts at dispelling and interrupting casting fail, the elemental and Ahanna get to the dragon first, but Gramblin, pitched by Pik, gets first blood, managing to land on the dragon despite the mirror image spell the dragon got off. some of us are shaken by the dragon presence. we are pounding on the dragon doing some serious damage. we take some fire damage from the breath weapon.

The party had to stop in the middle of the fight. The dragon has taken quite a bit of damage from the mighty storm giantess but is still strong. He has breathed, but the protections on the party protected them from the worst of it. We stopped with the dragon about to take his turn...

06-19-2011, 04:03 PM
{{{summary of off-line game session. (our 62nd session, to be exact.) }}}

{{{Nadem saves, Pik fails. Tala out of range. Dragon attacks, Gramblin attacks weakly, Pik strings a series of criticals and drops the dragon. Elemental moves dragon corpse off ledge, digs pit to dump treasure in, smooths out mounds of sand for easy walking. We snag the obvious and different and portable, the rest goes into the pit. Tala casts wall of sand on top of it, burying it, and then transmutes the sand to stone to seal it. Nadem hears some light footfalls from one corridor over, and runs over and launches a bolt of flame, missing, but seriously startling two drow, who promptly retreat. Pik seeing and hearing Nadem shoot flame, runs over and catches up to him. The two drow are running down the corridor, casting something and angling towards a particular fork in the corridor. There turns out to be around 6 to 8 drow, a patrol squad. Not all of the party is there yet, but they are scrambling to catch up. Pik and Nadem are in the thick of it, Tala is rushing to catch up, with the party close behind. Bit of a bottle neck forms, and Tala fires off a rod to boost everyone's attack for the next round. Only some are able to take advantage of it. Session stops in the middle of combat, again. }}}

01-16-2012, 02:06 AM
{{{SIXTY-THIRD SESSION - off-line game session.

Drow drop darkness on us. Gramblin manages to take out two drow, there are a lot of exchanges in the dark. Nadem uses nimbus and tries to burn some, without luck so far, but he takes a few bolts for his troubles. Pik flails around in the dark, thankfully no one else can see his massive string of misses. Ahanna gets stuck briefly moving down the, for her, narrow corridor, but then squeezes through, and smashes one drow who unfortunately blundered into her. Tala erects wall of sand trying to trap, but then has to dispell the darkness which also takes down the sand. There are a lot of enemies to the north, called by two of the patrol who had previously promptly fled to the north. Sabriel is the one to find all of them, and she gets nailed by a -4 level enervation, plus some crossbow bolts, and faerie fire. (OUCH!) Saved map has details. }}}

04-01-2012, 03:27 PM

Group focuses on removing the remaining drow in the smaller room (mostly successful), and hindering the large number of drow in the large room (effectiveness currently unknown). Short session. }}}

06-24-2012, 05:05 PM

Continue fight against drow, do some decent damage. some of the drow flee including the wizard. a female leader is left with a couple of guards. fire giants are approaching, three from the northwest, and more from our entry route from the south. pik and sabriel are very low and we are needing to think about hiding and/or retreating. Tala is out of 5th and 4th level spells. }}}

08-29-2013, 01:00 AM
Update after 14 months(!): As requested, a map of the latest fight is posted.3978

08-29-2013, 10:25 AM
{{{has it been that long? wow. thanks for the map, i'll try to figure out where to go from here. may take me a while, though.}}}

08-08-2014, 04:48 PM
{{{So, the map attachment dropped off. We need to skedaddle apparently. Any chance of reattaching the map?}}}


09-12-2014, 10:11 AM
Re-attaching the latest map.

09-19-2014, 10:28 PM
you know, i think we would get "royally" thumped by her Highness if we retreated now without her even getting to fight. (pun intended) I know some of us are low on spells, but is anyone actually low on hit points or wounded in some fashion?

10-26-2014, 09:08 PM
Arielle is at full HP and has a reasonable set of spells left; Gramblin is at full HP. Sabriel is in fairly bad shape: down to 46 HP out of 82 and almost out of spells, plus she has 4 negative levels which she can't remove (out of Restoration spells, used her only scroll).

10-28-2014, 10:16 PM
Tala is out of magic 3rd and above, but i think everyone is still decent on health. and her highness? last i recall she was seriously grousing about not getting to have some clobberin' time.