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list of all characters, both past and present.

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This is the current list of characters, so far as the DM is concerned; corrections are welcome:
Path, a male elven archer with a vow of silence.
Pook, a male treant (currently assisting, will not continue to the next portion of the adventure)
Prii, a female human psion/ectoplasmic adept, in the body of a dagger
Grunther, a stupid yet loyal and mighty human male fighter, now in a new body
Tina, a witty and fast female human bard/rogue
Andree, a plump, cheerful, wise female human cleric with a thirst for knowledge and a hatred of undead
A new character or two, as yet unnamed.

Past characters:
Parron: A male dwarf fighter cleric, he met his end in a tidal wave of green slime in a trap within the Tomb.
Mega: A male elf? fighter? (sorry, don't remember for sure) whose soul was taken by a card in the Deck of Many Things
Greywolf Bloodmoon, human barbarian/spirit shaman, died in the same trap as Parron
Kiri: a female half-dragon/half-kender sorceress/arcane claw, died picking up a trapped evil gem that reversed her wish to cause her death.

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i think we should list all characters, both past and present. for the former, a fitting requiem, for the latter, a warning and a reminder. ^^

03-16-2009, 04:58 PM
I've corrected a few things; at Nijineko's request, I've also included past characters.

03-17-2009, 12:24 AM
a point of correction: prii is a psion/ebauer (astral constructor {v3.5})

04-09-2009, 07:07 PM
Midnight is creating a new character, details undetermined, stats rolled elsewhere: 11,12,12,14,15,18.

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decent stats. =D congrats.

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Matosapanajin (btw what does that mean?): I've looked over your characters. Overall they're fine. A few comments/corrections:
1) I didn't notice any stat boosters on Solenal--she should have a Periapt of Wisdom at least. For that matter I didn't notice any magic items except her sword, armor and shield. (Nice sword, btw.)
2) She might want to consider the Divine Shield feat: As a standard action, use one turning attempt to add your Charisma bonus to your shield bonus for one minute. Boosts your AC nicely.
3) I don't know enough about Dragonfire Adepts to comment on Jackon (Jackson? Saw it spelled both ways). Looks good though.
4) Unless you come up with an explanation you'd rather have, I will assume that these characters heard about the evils of the Black Academy and the Tomb and came by to help the other characters.

Let's get the plot moving.

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sorry both my computers crashed for about a week just got them back up.
ok it is jackson and sol doesn't have many extra items i think a couple minor things, i will check out the divine shield feat but i think your intro works great for my characters....

William Murderface
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Marten-a level 15 semi worshiped pirate who was allergic to mead and lost his boat in a bet

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not appropriate for this campaign, nor for this thread. you are welcome to post in the general thread for this campaign.

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yup here again sorry guys

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=D ^^

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He nijineko, did you update the sheets and could you send me back a copy of the editing you did?

09-10-2009, 06:42 PM
i did not update the sheets owing to it being on an excel sheet. since i spotted a number of errors of one stripe or another, i wasn't sure what was sheet, and what was just unexpected input... or output. i figured that since i mentioned it to you verbally or email-wise, that you would eventually get around to updating it yourself. also it occurred to me that since you've edited the behind-the-scenes parts of the sheets already, that you have more experience with that particular set of sheets. ^^

oddly enough, i've actually switched to a set of character sheets i've rigged in a graphics program as my main method of making character sheets, while i'm waiting for the update from crystalball3 to crystalball4. and amusingly enough, that's because i was messing with the innards of cb3 data files myself, and didn't want to have to reconstruct everything i did up until i flubbed it, from a clean install. =P

09-25-2009, 09:55 PM
got it ok thanks

04-16-2013, 01:55 AM
and now cb4 is abandoned. sigh.

in other news, i have my alternate characters for when matosapanajin isn't able to join in. transferred from another campaign and updated for this one:

Oolanitari identifies herself as a Sangehirn, a rare psionic type of healer.

She was a child prodigy who was secluded and specially trained since birth. Her childhood was isolated, and her only contact with other people was via remote psionics for many years. Due to the intense tutelage, she rapidly developed her powers and mental faculties when yet a child. She is blind, though not from birth. She began seeing visions and portents of the future as she became blind. These visions tend to all be from the viewpoint of a child of the age when she last was able to see. The group that raised her was seeking to develop affinities for various specific abilities with various children, ideally attempting to recreate the elan transformation ritual. When the group saw that her occasional foretelling was the extent of her induced abilities, they introduced her into the world at large, assisting her until she could make her own way. They still maintain sporadic contact.

She has a voluptuous, womanly figure, is considered quite attractive, and would probably be thought stunningly gorgeous if she ever smiled. However, she has a distant and preoccupied personality, almost cold, despite her gentleness. She has a tendency to attach herself to someone or something that she finds to be fascinating. This may be something unique about the object of her fascination, or something in their future which she has decided to wait and watch.

She is particularly interested in the potential for difference between her visions and how reality actually turns out. She seeks to understand why the various individual choices and surrounding circumstances make or break visions and prophecies of the future. She has a firm will, and seems to know where and when she is needed, or when someone is needed for certain events. She is manipulative and ruthless, though her detached demeanor, unshakeable calm, and gentleness when interacting with others mask it quite throughly.

Aamonkhad is clearly a warrior type.

He is a highly competent person, leaning towards the strong silent type. He avoids speaking unless he is sure of himself. He has dedicated himself to following Oolanatari for reasons known only to himself. It is not known if he has feelings for her, though he is almost always found in her presence or close by. On the occasions he is not nearby, or is ordered from her presence; he is usually practicing forms, or caring for and repairing items, or meditating. He has a surprising wealth of experience in a number of unpredictable areas. He is tall, lean, well muscled, and heavily calloused. He does not appear to carry any weapon or shield, not even a sheath, though his callouses clearly indicate much weapon practice and armor usage to any knowledgeable person who looks.