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02-27-2009, 08:18 PM
I just created a few PHP programs for Dungeons and Dragons, and I post a message here to introduce them :)
So here are short descriptions of each with the link:

A treasures generator:
You choose the level of the treasure ( from 1 to 20 ) and submit.
The page generate the money, the gems, the art and the magic items, with a picture of the item.

A page that handle the growing of experience points and levels for a group from 1 to 4 characters.
To start, enter every names of your players ( once the program is started you won't be able to add a name, except by exiting the page and entering again, but this would reset the xp )
Then choose the picture of the characters.
You can see a little audio player near the character's profil. It plays a little music with a voice depending of the race of the character. You can play it whenever the character grows in level, or whenever you want to annoy the players :p
Then you just have to click on the corresponding button whenever a characters earn xp. The level bar grows proportionnally, same thing for the xp earnings.
Each button show you the extra ( or minus ) levels that the defeated mob have compared to the character.
If you don't remember the order for entering the names and pictures, go over the word "Help" on top of the page with your cursor :)

A dice rolling program
It is quite simple, not really serious, but I had quite a lot of fun while making it :p
You choose the number of dice you want to roll for each die category ( not too many thought, or your computer would lag ^^ ) and you submit.
Then the page will show animated gifs of the dice I filmed while rolling it.
It also show you the total.
Finally a wink to the famous Diceroll, you can choose the weather, and it influences the result ( with a lot of uselessness and bad taste, I'm afraid...)

That's it, I hope those programs would help you during your next games. I'm here for any suggestions and I'll be happy to answer any question :)
Also, don't hesitate to report me any bug ( because there always are ) and bad translation ( because english isn't my first language :s )

03-02-2009, 08:42 AM
Just took a quick look at your treasure generator, the pictures make it look great! Thanks for creating it, I'll have to check it out more when I get time as it looks like a great program to help with treasure creation!

03-02-2009, 11:14 AM
Thanks, nice job. Bookmarking...

03-03-2009, 04:24 PM
Thanks to you for using it :)