View Full Version : Three Kingdoms 4E PBP-urgent need of GM

02-25-2009, 03:13 PM
I am posting this on behalf of a group of players at www.barroks-tower.net . Their GM up and disappeared in the middle of January, at the start of combat(some rolled rolled init, but didn't get past that). The former GM is no longer intrested in running it, but is happy to pass the game on to someone else. The characters are all level 1.

The characters are:
Elf Ranger
Drow Ranger
Half-Elf Cleric
Dragonborn Fighter
Tiefling Warlock
Half-Elf Rogue

Anyone intrested, contact Barrok, the head cheese, or me (as long as their is a way to contact you, I'll be happy to foward it to Barrok).