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02-24-2009, 09:58 AM
I was reading through another thread on the D&D board and it got me thinking about some of my favorite game moments. I have many but I think I will start this off by sharing two of them.

I was a DM last spring for a failed game of a custom/real system mix. It was loosly based off of the Final Fantasy system(terrible system by the way). I had modified it to make it a little more managable...or so I thought.

The first real battle of the game I had my party of 3 + me (I was a PC and DM) take on this huge dog like creature. My party was level 1 and the creature was like level 4-5(can't remember what I made him). The white mage rolled 2 criticals with her staff and with the way I had set up the critical chart(not realizing there should be seperate charts for the different weapon types) she ended castrating the creature and removing one of its legs. All this damage with only a level 1 staff. Needless to say I didn't think out the possibilities very well. She neded up doing the most damage out of everyone, which really really pissed off another one of the players(he has to be the BEST at EVERYTHING or he throws a tantrum...and he's 22).

Another time I was playing Arduin(kind of like D&D but better). I was just a PC and we had a party of...6 or 8 I think and we were taking on a band of Ogres. I think there were about 10 of them that attacked us(Average level was about 5-6 I was level 1). I was a giant of some kind(can't remember) but I had throwing axes that I was using but kept missing my targets(horrid rolls) and hitting an ally in the back. From then on he never trusted any giantkin that joined the party and unfortunatly there were many as that was all I played.

That game was crazy I think I lost about 15 characters before I finally found one that survived and made it to level 15 I think. He was a star powered mage and when under direct star light he had infinate mana and could pump mana into his spells to make them more powerful. The only problem is the more mana he pumped into the spell the higher the chance of the crystal that gave him his power blowing up and taking a large chunk of humanity with him. When the gem blows up it creates a black hole...not good. But until it blows up I have infinate health and infinite mana, so as long as the battle is over before it blows all is good. That character had some crazy moments, but I will post them later.

So what stories does everyone else have?

02-24-2009, 11:20 AM
One of the most memorable RPG moments (though I have so many it's hard to choose just one) I have elaborated on another thread here somewhere, but it was so good that I feel it is worth repeating. It came from an AD&D 2e campaign. Our party consisted of a human Fighter specializing in use of a net, 3 Thieves (elf, halfling and human) and a dwarf Cleric that humped anything that moved.

In our journeys, we came upon the castle of a vampire priestess and when we encountered her she put the party under her influence. She didn't want to kill us, but rather, she had a series of tasks that she needed us to perform for her. Naturally, once the dwarf fell under her spell, he immediately and frequently hit on her, the DM constantly reminding him that that wasn't how her "charm" effect worked, but we all knew it was futile.

So, the vampire gave us a long list of ritual components that she would need to work some mysterious spell and we were compelled to assist in gathering them. So, one of the PCs took the list and began reading it aloud. Among other rare and obscure materials, he came to an entry that said, "The scale from a red dragon". There was a moment of silence as we pondered exactly how much trouble we were in for (we were about 2nd or 3rd level at the time). Finally, one of the players spoke up as if he had come upon a cunning plan.

Player 1: "Wait a minute! Aren't there baby dragons?"
Player 2: "What...you mean wyrmlings? Yeah, they're still nasty!"
Player 1: "No. I'm talking about the dumb ones with no eyes..."

Laughter ensued and we all tried to picture a deaf, blind and mute baby red dragon.

We continued down the list and came upon another startling entry: "12 virgins". There is dead silence and suddenly everyone in the room turns to look at the dwarf's player. After a long moment of stern glances, one of the players pipes up and says, "Well...it looks like we're going to have to duct tape your d*** between your butt cheeks!" The table errupted in laughter that lasted several minutes before finally calming down and allowing us to continue on our adventure.

Ah, good times...

Soft Serve
02-25-2009, 12:03 PM
Would 12 Virgin Deaf, Blind, Dumb, Baby dragons complete two of the requirements?

I had DM'd an encounter for three players all of whom were racist to gnomes. They were in a Mercenary Village full of mixed races and rough people. There were the essential little shops, and several homemade...homes...? Anyway they decide they wanted to walk into a bar to look for work. They find a gnome. They then decide to roll a STR check to PUNT the gnome across the bar... Normally I woulden't allow it. But I mean damn...they rolled a natural 20+6.

So the gnome goes flying, the other player waits on the recieving end and sets up to bat the gnome baseball style...he rolled a Natural 1... Now I used a random bar generator, and the gnome was wearing purple robes, was bald, and had a pointy wizards hat. So imagine a Half-Vampire idiot picking up and punting this purple garbed wizard gnome across a bar full of trolls, troglodytes, and lizardfolk. About half-way the gnome goes attack mode and starts casting enlarge self...THEN he lands ontop of a Yuan-ti who thought he was being so clever to set up gnome batting practise. The dmg was 2d6....

Following this encounter was an even more stupid move on our part in the same town. This time the same three players, a gnoll barbarian decides he's going to break into a trolls house and steal all of his money...The other two cahracters (half-vamp and Yuan-ti rogues) decide to waltz in as well...with nobody guarding the door....at all....

So when the troll comes home they scatter and hide, the Yuan-Ti is hiding in the rafters of the ceiling, the Gnoll behind some tapestry, and the Half-Vamp in the closet, in a barrel, underneath rotten apples....which he is also eating... The troll spots the Gnoll first and straight tries to kill him. The Yuan-Ti breaks through the straw ceiling and runs for his life, the Half-Vamp continues eating. The gnoll eventually decides his only hiding place left would be...ANOTHER HOUSE! So he breaks a door in with his Axe...the axe gets stuck IN the door...needless to say when the guards found the gnoll he was still working on getting his axe out, eventually passing out from the damage the troll gave him. The Yuan-ti in an act of briliance trying to give the Barbarian enough time to get away burns down an entire building. The barbarian gets away, the Half-Vamp is full, and the Yuan-ti hid out in a well the entire night. They regroup the next morning and head over to the clinic to heal up their barbarian friend only to come upon a giant pile of ashes with a sign on top reading the word "Clinic".