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11-20-2006, 10:46 AM
DFW Roleplayers Meetup and game.

Scary, isn?t it?

The November 11th Meetup revealed a horror in the form of a one-shot game brought to us by Gary McBride. Gate of Sorrows: A Call of Cthulhu Demo dragged our minds through mounting horrors that at first gentled us, nudging our psyche to explain unusual events. Little did we know that all our hopes, nay, our reality would be dashed upon the charred remains of sensibilities burned beyond madness. http://www.chaosium.c... (http://www.chaosium.com/)

D4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, d100

Fort Worth and Dallas Gamers

The November 13th Meet brought gamers looking for groups and players, which lead us to share resources. penandpapergames.com's player registry, redblade.org character generator. PCGen and eTools. However, recent news tells us that Wizards has pulled permission for PCGen, eTools, and the anticipated RPG Foundry. Many fans will be disappointed, but Code Monkey is not going away, they say, and going to get better. http://www.codemonkey... (http://www.codemonkeypublishing.com/)

Groups and Members

Dallas Meetup has 15+ new members, Fort Worth Meetup has 20+ new members, Pen and Paper Games has 50+ new members in and around the DFW area, not to mention all the old members that have been around for the last couple of years. Robert Howard's done a fantastic job of putting the player registry and locator all in one easy package.

A new Dallas group is looking for players, and their website is http://www.oldschoolg... (http://www.oldschoolgamer.net/forum/) . A great bunch of gamers that will play just about anything in their path.

Half Price Books has many gaming books, and not just used titles. They?ve got brand new shinny D&D books for less than half price.

If you haven?t been out to the old GenerationX game store lately, you?d be surprised at the changes. I'd say it's a new version 2.0. More space with more stuff. 39 N Industrial Bedford.

Do you remember Ravenloft?
Know anybody that's running the updated version?
If you get a chance to play in it, you're in for some great adventuring.

Player Registry and Search!
Easily find nearby players using the player registry feature at pen and paper games website. http://penandpapergam... (http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/memberlist.php) . The search feature lets you know who is nearby, the games they play, and days they're available.

Feast with your mind.

11-23-2006, 08:16 PM
Beauty In Zombies?
All Flesh Must Be Eaten zombies have variability. Yes, that’s right. Zombies come in all flavors, er, appetites, er, deadness. Well, anyway, trying to figure out their diet is easy, but trying to figure out how to dispose of them is trial and error. Well, you only get one try, really.

D&D not the only RPG out there?
It’s true, and we’ve seen many d20 offshoots. M&M, True20, Pure20, and countless others. This aside, there is Rifts, Shadowrun, BRP, and more indie games than one could imagine.

Kent, Who, and Jones in an RPG, OH MY!
Can you play Clark or the Doctor or Indiana in their respective role playing games without overshadowing the other player characters? What aspiring super could match all the powers of a man from Krypton? What hopes do companions of the Doctor have when they’re only going to be around for a short time with few skills outside their own time, compared to the Doctor’s many incarnations, lifetimes of knowledge of the past and future, and that universal screwdriver that can fix anything from dishes to computers? All the sidekicks and friends of Indiana have no where near the luck of this archeologist adventurer, as Indiana is the driving force of the story. These characters can, will, and do overshadow all other characters in the story. Solutions? In their home RPG, these powerhouses might be better off as NPCs. That or try them in RISUS and PDQ.