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The Dragon soars down from the heavens and lands gently upon the earth near your location. While it is not the size of the largest that tales talk about, there is something about this one that perhaps makes you pause in attacking it. Upon study, it does not seem like any Dragon you have ever heard about: It's coloring is that of White Gold, and the horns have no pattern.

The Dragon speaks: "Salutations, Explorer. I am called Brydger." ('Bridg-er') and the tone of the voice tells you that this is a male. "If, by chance, thou doest seek a true Challenge, I know of one: A Realm where danger lurks and mysteries lay yet to even be found, much less understood. As well as an entire World to explore, if it is desired."

The Dragon's stare stops your querry in mid-transit from brain to voice. "Why do I not solve these things, myself? you would ask. Because I have a foe: One that is, at least, as powerful as I; and that seeks to kill me and dominate the World that I abide in. I find almost all my time consumed with the task of countering mine foe and his minions. This is one of the rare times that I can go and try to find others, such as you - I hope - that would be interested in helping the good people within the Realm by vanquishing their threats. As well as perhaps seeking out and solving some of the mysteries of the World."

There appears a small statuette of the dragon upon the ground a short distance away from you. Brydger says: "I must return, now. Should you wish to take up the mantle of mine Challenge, simply pick up the statue and say my name. It shall then magically take thee to the safest location within the Realm at that time. Farewell." and there is a flash of blue light, and the soft peal of thunder, and the Dragon is gone.
Greetings, from DragonDM.
I have both a Tabletop and an Online Game that is looking for more players.

For the Online go to:
http://groups.google.com/group/dragons-den-and-lairs (http://groups.google.com/group/dragons-den-and-lairs)
Please read everything before applying, and email me at either of the addresses below.
__________________________________________________ ____________
For the Tabletop:
(Inquire directly for the exact address.
If I can get a ride, I am willing to travel to game.)

I am looking for people that are interested in playing every week - on Sat (10 am - 11 pm) and Sun (11 am - 8 pm).
Contact me directly at dragonmyster@yahoo.com (dragonmyster@yahoo.com) or rex.dragon.dm@gmail.com (rex.dragon.dm@gmail.com).
The primary game that I run is Dungex, which is my Game World for D&D 3.5.

Make Earth the size of Jupiter: with seven Continents on it; give it a Hollow World with six Continents: there are also thousands of Islands, and lots of Realms on each Continent: and each Island can also be a Realm - Above and Below; and place at least 10 miles of unmappable Underdark between the two. There are few permanent direct connections betwen Above and Below, and even they can change suddenly.

The Sun still rises in the East and sets in the West, both Above and Below.
However, it does this by entering and exiting large uninhabatable "Volcanos": One in the East Ocean and one in the West Ocean.

There are no stars in the World Below: sailing at night is done by triangulation of the three moons: which always "hide" from the sun. Gold Moon, Silver Moon, and Emerald Moon. When each Moon is full, it is up North. A New moon is not visible.
Only when all three moons are Full or New, is it not possible to set sail.

Above the World, the three moons each follow their own orbital path, but retain the same phase as the one they have Below. Because of the strange nature of these moons, no Spelljammer ship has ever stayed for long upon them.

My gaming World is largely based on the Forgotten Realms maps and books (for ease of Players familiar with Faerun to look up - kinda, there are a lot of "little" changes, so be sure to always ask first) - only a lot bigger and with lots of Hidden and Secret areas: Like the Hollow World part has both "Mystara" and "Ravenloft" types, but unlike the actual Dread Plane, you can escape without being sent away, and there is still the possibility that a PC could become a "Dread Realm Lord" - as well as the Ruler of a Realm somewhere in the rest of the World.
It really depends on what the Player(s) have their Characters try and do.

There are other things that I have added to it, over the years. Some of my favorite locations, creatures, and Magic from a lot of different places: Greyhawk, Mystara, Dragonlance, Rakugon & Oriental Adventures, Eberron, Ravenloft, Spelljammer, Planescape, - and some from other Gaming Systems that I only liked maybe one thing: Like - "Atlantis" and simular Aquatic Realms. All Converted over into 3e5 D&D, of course. As I get more things, I add it, while making sure that it still makes sense.

Like Faerun, there are magical/ psionic \technological Portals almost everywhere, and these can not only go to a lot of the other areas in the World, but also to a lot of other Worlds and Planes. This means that if the Players want, they can use these to go on Planescape Quests.

And in addition to normal Sailing Ships that cost 5 cp per passanger or 1,000 lbs (= 0.5 ton) of cargo

- there are Submarines (like the old ones from WW2) that cost 5 sp per passanger or ton of cargo;

there are also all kinds of magical ships:
Cloudjammers (these sail on clouds only) that cost 1 gp per passanger or ton of cargo;

Windjammers (these can sail in "midair") that cost 5 gp per passanger or ton of cargo;

Stonebreakers (these magically sail through the ground, but are limited to two miles deep - though they can still "sail" down tunnels) that cost 6 gp per passanger or ton of cargo; These can go from Above to Below.

Planejammers offer fairly safe passage on the Astral, Ethereal, and Shadow Planes that cost 1 pp per passanger or ton of cargo-

and Spelljamming ships lurk in the dark above even the highest clouds, and they even land in almost every major city, that cost 5 pp per passanger or ton of cargo.
Of course, Evil also exists and there are many Races that seek to do others harm; Dragons, Orcs, Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Drow - just to name a few.

So, it's not a "perfect World" - - - but who wants that? http://www.jim-butcher.com/bb/Smileys/default/wink.gif

I think that only three people in the last 25 years has ever found, much less explored, the entirity of my World.

The Dragon's Den and Lairs is located in the heart of the Drygon Realm - that the PbP Site of the same name is focused around - is only a single Tiny Realm in this World - and most of even that is still unexplored !

This is because the majority of the players are content to just Dungeon Crawl, with the minority being those that want to Explore their favorite areas. These Players never really try something new that they find, and are not sure what it does, or where that Portal goes. At least not until the Players themselves know everything about what the item does or where that Portal goes.
- Which is annoying. I can allow for creative Players - and even unusual Characters. But - I will not tolerate Metagaming.
Seriously - How can your Character know in advance about something they have never even heard about?

Like someone from the Faerun Dales suddenly landing in Ancient Japan (Rakugon) !?

What your Character knows about The World they live in - depends on several factors: Race, Class, Skills - as well Region and Realm.

For ease of reference, you can use the Forgotten Realms Campaign Book for Regions, and Regional Feats.
If you have a book with simular information, please let know, and I will try to get that book.

Example: if you make a Samarai, then this PC is most likely from either the Faerun Unaproachable East Region (Also called Kara Tur) - (A continent like China, using the FR UE Book, or Oriental Adventures) or the island-country of Rakugon.
And this Character would know not a thing about the Faerun Amn Region.
There are several sources for how a Character can get more information about the World and it Region(s):

Bards [High level] are the most common - though some should be believed less then others.

Rogues [High level] (and Thieves) are next: Finding places to do 'sneaky' things is their specialty.

Spellcasters [High level] (Arcane, Divine and Psionic) are next up - with Scrying, Teleportation, and Plane Shift: these have the most access to at least the information, and sometimes direct access to, all kinds of odd places.

Do you think that your Character can find it all? Not alone, you can't.
- Better find some stalwart friends to stand by your side, mate.
Got them?
Alright then, open the first Magical Door, and welcome to my World......
Alignment Rules:

I do not allow Chaotic Neutral and True Neutral.
I have long standing reasons as a DM for why.

Evil can be allowed, but your Character has to have the following things:
[A] A more Mature level of play is required: which means that the defeat and even death of your Character cannot upset you.

(1) A solid reason for why they are Evil. And what can be done to redeam your Character.

(2) Flaws that can be exploited by would-be Heroes.

(3) Limits for what your character is willing to do.
Ex: A Slaver would not kill children.
Note: You can post questions and Character Concepts to this thread.

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DragonDM says: "Many of the things that I will be posting here are also found on my Dragon's Den PbP Site - The Dragon's Den and Lairs.
Crossovers from one to the other are possible."

Challenge Number One:

Notes: 1st to 5th level Characters. (Higher levels possible)

This outlaying town seems to have little to attract Adventurers.
That is because the real item of interest is to the south:
The Dryzon Ruins. No one knows how old these are, or who built them;
or even what destroyed the area to create the Ruins.

One thing is known: for those bold enough to dare it's halls: there are rewards.

Egam - The Town's Wizard - is always on the lookout for those that might be interested in helping him solve the Mystery of The Ruins.

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Nemesis Town.

This is the super secret base of Monsters.
A lot of "evil" people tend to end up here, as well.

Like Sorrowtown, their main goal is to explore and take advantage of the Drazon Ruins.