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02-15-2009, 05:30 AM
Hello everyone,

My group currently consists of 3 players and a DM, seeking 1-2 more players to join. We're in the process of building the world cooperatively, utilizing tools like Google Groups to coordinate how things are built.

The rules are fairly loose, relying on the players to police them. For example, if you want to play a half-ogre hulking hurler or frenzied berserker, you'd have to get approval from all players involved (which is unlikely as we know how such things can unbalance the game). We do this so that everyone can take a look at what it means in the grand scheme of things for balance of power within the party. There's nothing worse than having Mr. Bigbadass slaughtering things while the rest of the party is ineffectual (due to the DM having to throw bigger things at us to compensate for Mr. Bigbadass). Sure, it's fun to be Mr. Bigbadass, but there's not much point for the rest of the party.

That being said, rules published in all WotC sources are potentially accessable. This also includes Dungeon and Dragon Magazines.

The party currently consists of a Human Ranger, a Strongheart Halfling Druid (using the Druid Variant from Dragon Magazine #335, Page 87 "Totem Druid" following the Tiger path, and the Halfling Druid Substitution Levels [1st and 15th only, with the 15th pushed to 19th due to the changes to the base class] from Races of the Wild Page 157), and a Strongheart Halfling Wizard (using the Evoker Variant found in Dragon Magazine #348 Page 88 "Focus Caster", and Halfling Wizard substitution levels from Dragon Magazine #336 Page 102 [3rd and 12th levels only]). We also had a Human monk join the party. The DM is more concerned with having fun than pidgeonholing players into roles, so if we don't end up with a Cleric, we will be fine with the Druid healing. If we don't end up with a Rogue, we won't run into traps (at least not often). I think you get the drift.

So if you're looking for a game in the greater Seattle/Lynnwood/Everett area, let me know. We have room for up to 1 more player, and have only had 1 session so far. Next game is scheduled for April 18th.

04-06-2009, 02:43 PM
Hey Im Matt, I live in south Everett (kinda by Boeing) Myself and a friend may be interested in joining if you havent filled the roles yet. Ive been gaming D&D 3.5 since it was introduced and have a number of character concepts id love to try out. My friend Chuck is on the same level, I have alot of books including all 3.5 core and several suplements. A few quick questions if I may.
1> What is the general age range of the group?
I am 25 and my friend is 26.
2> How often and when do you meet?
Im free Saturday and Sunday and most weeknights.
3> My friend has Drill for the army once a month is that a problem?

I have to give you props on the no Mr. badass ruling, There is nothing wors than having the rest of the party eclipsed by one player. Well lemme know whats up when you can.

04-06-2009, 03:10 PM
We found a DM and are up to 4 players now. We've played 1 session so far, and while adding 1 more player wouldn't be too bad, we feel that 6 would be too many; and we wouldn't want to seperate you and your friend. Good luck finding another game though.

05-22-2009, 11:22 AM
Hello, Laramon.

I'm very close to the area and interested in finding a weekend group. I was wondering if a seat was still open. If so, I'd be interested in giving/getting a few details.



05-22-2009, 11:42 AM
We lost our DM after the first session to his job, but he's willing to come back as a player due to everyone getting along well as people.

With that said, that means we have up to 1 player slot open and 1 DM. We're not in a hurry to start playing, but if we got a DM and a player today we could probably play starting next week (or whenever the DM was comfortable with starting, or course).

05-25-2009, 05:33 PM
May I ask what day and time you play?

05-25-2009, 07:06 PM
We're aiming at Saturday games, starting at or after Noon and until we feel is a good stopping point.

Melinkurian Abatha
08-05-2009, 12:03 PM
I am looking for a game.
I have about 28 years experience in D & D both as player and DM.
I am primarily looking for a game to join (as a player) but I may be open to DMing later on.

I am currently in a game but it's not the 50/50 split that they said it was. It's more 90% RP and 10% fighting which is too skewed for my tastes. :confused:

Please let me know if you got your game going and if you have room for one more.

THanks :biggrin:

08-12-2009, 04:07 PM
I am looking for a game and your game is very close and I am available most saturdays. Let me know if you still need another player. :biggrin:

09-04-2009, 04:33 PM
I am also interested in joining a group, please let me know if there are spots available.