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Inquisitor Tremayne
02-09-2009, 08:58 AM
Just a synopsis of what went down in Episode I.

The campaign began on the planet of Corellia, where the PCs, Todrin Faleur, Elismate Sans, Stee Jans, and Felmar, were called together by a human male that goes by the name of Tan Endac. Tan was looking to hire a crew for his freighter and the PCs eager for adventure answered the call.

After dropping off some supplies on Corellia the group flies to Tattooine where Tan's droid informs the PCs that he is planning on betraying them. So the PCs steal Tan's ship and travel to Ryloth. Here, in need of some funds, agree to take a load of fuel to Kashyyyk.

When they arrive in system they notice an old Victory class Star Destroyer in orbit. They are hailed and asked their cargo and destination and from an improper response from "Captain" Elismate, they are told to land at a specific landing platform.

When they disembark they are held on the platform by a squad of Clone Troopers while the ship is searched. Fearing the worst, Elismate decides to make a break for it and runs toward the ship! The rest of the PCs on the platform are gunned down by the Clone Troopers resulting in the death of Felmar. After a fierce battle on board the PCs ship, Todrin is eventually taken alive and everyone else is thrown in a prision camp in the Kashyyyk jungle!

After a few months in prison 2 padawans, a human and a wookiee by the name of Or, led by a female wookiee Jedi Master attempts a prison break and Todrin, Stee, and Elismate are set free. The group then attempts to get off world by disrupting a small enslavenment camp run by Trandoshans. It is here that they find and rescue the rodian Jedi Knight, Kavilo, and they find a shuttle to get them off world.
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In the process of the rescue, Chall the female wookiee Jedi master gave her life so that the rest of the group could flee.

The PCs fly to Garqi where Or's family decides to take up residence and the human padawan decides to go off and find his own way while vowing to Or that he will look after his family.

The PCs then meet Lara Gast, later to be known as Leida Mothma.

The PCs get involved with a gungan crime lord named Piknab on Nar Shaddaa.

The PCs destroy an Imperial listening post on the small planet of Ondsenendsav.

They scout and clear an area on the planet of Gantro to establish a base of operations for Mon Mothma and the resistance group that she has formed.

They attempt a daring mission to rescue a captured Mon Mothma and in the process of doing so manage to blow up a good size section of the Chandrillian starport. On the planet of Bestine they find an Imperial Stronghold and rescue Mon Mothma and a young girl who is very strong in the Force. They also encounter Inquisitor Pasiq, some sort of dark Force user, who tells Stee that he has a larger destiny ahead of him.

Due to the explosion on Chandrilla the PCs are split up and given separate missions by Mon Mothma and General Valtan. Elismate is to gather information from the Coalition for Progress's databanks, Stee is to discover what Tarkin is up to, Todrin is to escort Mon Mothma to a secret meeting on Dantooine, and Or has a calling to the planet Ossus.

Elismate travels to Coruscant and breaks into the CoP's offices with the help of a slicer named Ganner Quee.

Stee discovers that Tarkin has been placing large orders for battle droids from Balmorra. On his way back to Gantro to deliver this information he is captured by Inquisitor Pasiq. She then makes him an offer he can't refuse and agrees to help her assassinate Tarkin.

Todrin and Mon Mothma are ambushed on Dantooine and stranded. They enlist the aid of some Mandalorians and manage to take back the small town where they were to meet and steal a shuttle back to Gantro.

Or discovers the holocron of Master Arca Jeth on the planet of Ossus and uses it to complete is training and face his trails. He destroys an evil creature that had enslaved a small group of beings that are all Force Sensitive. Or leaves the holocron with them and vows to return to help them.

When the PCs return to Gantro they recieve word from Stee who gives them an update and a warning that the Empire may be aware of their secret base. As soon as Stee jumps out of the system, the Empire arrives and the PCs assist in the evacuation of the base ala the battle of Hoth.

The last orders issued to all personell is to lay low, not gather together as they have on Gantro and to meet a quarren named Miquesh on Nar Shaddaa for any further orders.

After a botched and possibly set-up assassination attempt, Stee abandons his mission with the Empire and flees to Nar Shaddaa.

End Episode I