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02-07-2009, 05:32 PM
Valikorlia is a text roleplaying server on GraalOnline that allows for users to invent their own characters to be roleplayed in the land of Kharlia. By using GraalOnline this means that Valikorlia sustains the needs of a roleplayer while also having the most basic visual representations of a game so that players do not only read text but also see their friends, enemies, and the environments in which they exist. Players can also make and upload their own head, body, hat, backpack, and even weapon graphics for use in game.

After The Great Sundering, an event in which the scientifically active fascist-like nation of Dalmar had misused a magical resource known as Oungmund and split the northern continent in half, Kharlia is now split into three main factions. Durandal, the capital of engineering and home to the warforged, Ignis, a flying island that is the centerpiece of the magical arts. Other factions of the world include the Dwarven stronghold of Hammerforge and the desert nation of Lerhyn.

Kharlia is home to a large variety of races from the omnipresent humans to elves, dwarves, drow, and even the machine-like warforged. Other races include orcs, goblins, kender, halflings, and many more.

Valikorlia is a very open ended game while still maintaining a solid world. Players can come up with many of their own additions to the world and get them approved through Roleplaying Admins (RPA), who dictate the content of player abilities and equipment as well as lore and events in the land. If you wish to create your own magical spell for use as a mage or your very own magical item you simply write down everything about it and get the approval of an RPA.

"We have a variety of classes and races to choose from."
"Political Intrigue and Adventure."
"Epic Battles!"
"Tons of Players."
"Exotic locations and adventures."
"Interesting new friends!"

Pm me or post below if you are interested or want help getting started.